How can this be real?

Birds have sharp vision.

I still have to mentally do the conversion from metric into imperial.

Because he received no answer, he started running and shoved the ghost down the stairs, so that it rolled down ten steps and then remained motionless lying in the corner.

Well, possibly you're right.

Put down your weapons!

I changed the flag.

The hotel is looking for a new head receptionist.

May a hundred flowers bloom!

Politicians are always censured for outrageous or inappropriate behavior.

I'll see what's keeping her.

The news may well be true.

Bob seems excited about watching the soccer game.

I want to think for myself.


I'll stay longer next time.

If you have the words to that song, I can translate it.

I don't think Rajendra can swim.

The bullet penetrated the wall.

"Did you see yesterday's soccer game?" "Of course I did!"

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I've done all that.

I fly to Italy.

He is hailed as the father of modern anthropology.

The situation is still capable of improvement.

Straka came from a very physically demonstrative family.

Is this my wine?

I'm sure that Elias is a very busy man.

You knew what you had to do.

Susan pushed me away.

There must be a machine somewhere what creates dozens of sentences about the acts of Lloyd and Shean.

If he had insulted me, I would have given him a shove.

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I don't anticipate a problem.

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Tricia did a very good job today.

What he did was against humanity.

He only drinks water from my small jar.

Randolph could care less.

You're gonna pay for this!

Could we speak to her?

I want to make you smile.

Stephan will go to Boston next summer.

You must beware of strange dogs.

You need to respect their privacy.

I want people to appreciate the beauty of my native language, and I want to experience how beautiful other languages can be, too.

The sponge takes in a lot of water.

Are they criminals?

Quit lazing around and get moving!

Hard work has brought him where he is.

Johnny filled the room with cardboard boxes.

I totally agree with his definition of friendship.

Leave me alone now.

What could they possibly want us to do?

Tit for tat.

Frederic heard coughing.

Julius doesn't understand the difference between confidence and arrogance.

I had my brother repair my bicycle.

None, they are all outside.

I have a problem with my roommate. He eats all my food.

I want a hug. Agatha wants a hug, too.

Who invited you guys?


Nichael always speaks in such a low voice that I can barely understand what he says.


Would you put this in the safety deposit box?

Jon and Clara don't have much time to talk together. Their children are always demanding their attention.

Really smart, that Sphinx!

At first sight he seems to be a very competent person.

How is this my fault?

Will it be hot tomorrow?

I should've listened to what Joachim said.

Walt is not here now.

Andreas's car was riddled with bullet holes.


I disagree with them.


The little boy has a dream.

Tomas couldn't tell the difference.

I thought Rabin would never shut up.

His face expresses deep sorrow and repentance.

I truly don't understand.

I play soccer almost every day.

We agreed to share the housework.

"I want that book", he said to himself.

Has the rain stopped? It would be good if it had.


What Hamilton said was the truth.

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Did you hear the news?

Your plan is of no earthly use.

I want Urs to respect me.

Mastering science is an ardent wish of our youth.

Is that law still in force?

We ordered too much food.

Please take a moment to locate the exit closest to you.

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Let me talk with Pandora.


He isn't smart enough to do mental arithmetic.

The longsword was sheathed in an intricately engraved scabbard.

He's English, but lives in India.

Samir likes mystery.

The apartment we live in is so small that we lack space.


It makes sounds similar to fox yapping.

Don't doubt his words.

He sleeps so well because he's loved.

Sanity is writing a letter to Irwin.

"It's time to start seeding", he said.

Being a prince is not easy.

Anatole was skiing down a mountain.

The world changes faster and faster.

I was happy to help you.

Tell your grandfather I say hi.

I had a crush on her at the time.

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Looks like she broke her promise.

This service is temporarily out of order.

When the kid wanted the latest PlayStation software, he acted like a spoiled child.


The man and the woman drink tea.

Let's see if Leslie can manage to do it by himself.

It's a cold day, isn't it?

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You know it'll be your duty from tomorrow on.

Ah, so *that*'s your sister.

Today's paper says that another typhoon is on its way.

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I think you've been wonderful.

I like English class.

He's gone senile.

Sam doesn't know how to explain it.

He advocated abolishing the death penalty.

This is one of the nicest houses I've ever seen.

Pascal has written several books.

There's a little pond in the garden.

This problem is too hard for me to solve.

Feel light at heart; feel happy.

Anne, are you eating with us?

Try as you may, you can't master English in a few months.

Marie, I said, do you have a father?

I'd sure like to help them.

I don't want to tell Benjamin.

Well, you're not staying here.

Even the upper atmosphere is polluted.

Food goes bad easily in this season.

Let's not get caught doing this.

Perhaps you'd better drive.

English is spoken in the USA.


Did Moe seem happy?

You have to try this.

You're being contentious.

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I believe in your power.

I'm a compulsive scribbler.

One of your buttons has come off.

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Can one person really make a difference in the world?

We'll go talk to Ramon.

We would have bought the plane tickets if the price had been a little lower.

Darryl said that Rodney was too insensitive, or something such.

Lori did well in school.

Evidently not.

We'd better make sure.

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Perseus saw his children, one after the other, dragged behind the victor's chariot.

French is an interesting language.

He doesn't like to speak in public.

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I was so cold.

She wants to settle down and have children.

This fish has a lot of bones.

No one knows what'll happen in the future.

Are you suggesting that you shouldn't have to do what everyone has to do?

I'll have to let you know.

I was in Boston last week with my wife.

I'm inside.

We have very little time left.

Call her this evening.

Erik apologized to Shirley for his son's rudeness.

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Is there a problem with your order?

Sorry, I forgot to tell you something important.

Nyotaimori is where food, like sashimi, is laid out on a naked woman.


Remember what happened last time.

Sugih looked at the map on the wall.

I'm not having lunch with Jeffery.


Malus picked up a book, opened it, and started reading it.

What sign were you born under?

What are you doing for New Years?


I'm going to go get her.

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But, she has never offered much excitement in the bedroom.


The inventory is full.