Pam has already filed a complaint.

Don't let him eat the bread.

Lenny sticks out like a sore thumb.

Niall and Brooke had a romantic dinner to celebrate the first anniversary of their being together.

We're invited to dinner next Saturday.

Adrian left the water on.


Let's keep quiet.

Skills that are monopolizable are anathema to capital.

I wish this man would not die before his children grow up!

You must come at once.

The species faded away.

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The bad weather marred the ceremony.

Ji deserves this.

Renu always seems to be short of money.

Patrice was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Go to red alert.

Those twin brothers have similar faces.

Be nice to your kids.

Let's put the Christmas tree here.

If a conversation is not going too well, try changing tack.

This toilet paper feels like sandpaper.

Many migrants travel from Greece, through the Balkans, to Western Europe.

They left the movie early.

The end crowns the work.


It is very kind of you to come and see me.

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Who's your lawyer?


The construction of the hospital is about to end.

Her efforts were to good purpose.

I have quite a few friends who speak French well.


She ripped her dress on a branch.


They like the idea.

Connie mixed himself a drink.

We have left undone what we ought to have done.

I'm not used to having people question my judgment.

He baked muffins.

You have until Monday to do that.

Mitchell told me that he was planning to study abroad.

The only time Roland seems to be happy is when he's with Dwayne.

Do you find Luke attractive?

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This decision was hard to make.

Do you think that might be part of the problem?

I'm thinking of taking a French class next semester.


We shouldn't be fighting with each other.

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Donna came home fairly late last night.

You're a really bad listener.

I perspire a lot at night.

Portugal has a very good team.

I'm not nervous around Elliott.

That student is Leigh.

The cat was curled up asleep.


Susan continued reading.


Just one slip and you'll be mistaken for a troll and flamed.

Ram and Bobbie were having a drink together.

I considered it.

Do you think we can glue that back together?

As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods ; they kill us for their sport.

I'm willing to do just about anything.

Only one moment of my life was enough to manage to know and love you, but my entire life would not be enough to manage to forget you.


The girl running over there is my sister.


He was worn out when he got home.

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He made the actress his wife.


They behave towards Muslims in a way in which no Muslim would behave towards an unbeliever.

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If you want to go there in time, you'd better make a bee-line for your class right away.


How did Stagger get one of those?

Tomas asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee.

Donovan doesn't want to see you.

Ben doesn't need to go.

I'll give you the address either today or tomorrow.


What are you and Val going to do for your anniversary?


My father has five siblings.


I recognized him at once.


Storms at sea impeded our progress.

I'm two years younger than he is.

We're too weak.


His paintings so impressed me that I was interested in him.

Her hat looked very funny.

It cost me three hundred dollars.

Who is this man?

Are you going anywhere?

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I'm always ready.

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I'll remember that.

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He was deceived by her apparent friendliness.

Mr. Grant is the oldest of the elders, Mr. Smith is the youngest.

Clyde doesn't know what you want.

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Jack keeps a cat and a parrot at home.

I hear you clear.

Ron complained about his low salary.

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He looked to the right and to the left.

Don't let the children play on the street.

Phiroze took my money.

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The police have Presley safely locked up.

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They unwrapped their sandwiches.

I had seen little of Old lately.

You can talk here.

Lucius is a billionaire.

Charley realized Herb was waiting for him.

We've got to hurry.

Close your eyes, and count to ten.

Jiri heard a voice whispering his name.

She may well be ashamed of her old clothes.

What's this supposed to mean?

Do I have to go now?

I'd never go back to eating meat.

You're supposed to be on my side.


I have read about the accident in the newspaper.

Now it's about what we do next.

This is scary.

Do you know how to make ice cream?

How much of our body is water?

When I reached the classroom, she was no longer there.

Dean asked Wendy about her new job.

Elwood came all the way from Boston just to see Harold.

Max likes raw carrots.


I'm really hungry, but I can't decide what I want to eat.

Why did you make such a mistake?

She took hold of my hand to teach me.

Are you an American?

People who were obese at 15 years of age or over have a three times higher risk of mortality than those who'd never been obese.

That is surely an idea.

Sandra is all mine.

I can call them if you want.

I have to hand in my report by next Wednesday.

Marci comes around now and then.

If it were not for water, no creature could live.

Who is this old dame?

No one should've been surprised.

Act according to the rules.

Is that you, Vincent?

Don't wait too long.

Jane got too nervous when her turn came, and she blew her lines.

She told him that she had seen me there last week.

One of my Japanese teachers said "honya honya" instead of "blah blah." My ensuing laughter nearly gave me a hernia.

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Jarl had always wanted to study French and he finally got his chance to.

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I knew you'd say something like that.


We'll have to leave town.


As the autumn gets closer, the nights become longer.

Lievaart is the man of my dreams.

They rushed through their work.

I have to get going.

I wouldn't want you to think I was mean.

Kit was correct about one thing.

That's what Laurence would say?

Hooker was extremely pleased.

You're going to have to go alone.

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I'll ask Leigh that question the next time I see him.


I've got a lot of friends.

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Bill can run faster than Bob.

What is it that you want to achieve, whatever it takes, before you die?

She dared to walk the tightrope without a net.


I decided not to drink.

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I will discuss the question with you in detail.

You can't yell at me like that.

I have a broken ankle.

Happiness does not lie in things. It lies in the souls of people who reflect upon or contemplate them.

Several people were injured.

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The letter "n" is a lower-case character.


Christofer decided to stay.