My friend studies Korean.

The majority of the Americans are descended from immigrants.

Amir is a young teacher and doesn't have much teaching experience yet.

Tandy believes that Ramon was murdered.

Dannie and his brother play on the same team.

We have not been able to contact anyone on our list.

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Petr said he can get us what we need.

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I'll be checking your progress from time to time.

Some hospitals hand out free samples of baby milk.

Jim hasn't come yet.

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People who don't want to go, don't have to.

Mariou is slightly under the weather today.

He has an abhorrence of snakes.


I am making noise with this drill.

I'm here to help them.

Did you know Phil was dealing drugs?

I don't drink all that much beer.

Were there a lot of Algerians in Germany?

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Dad's always encouraging him.


You've already decided to quit, haven't you?


The sum came to over 20,000 yen.

They did not go to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

I convinced everyone.

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Terrorists were everywhere.

"Not to brag, but I just made my first million dollars recently." "Wow, really? Good for you! I reached five billion yesterday, but one million is a great start. I'm really happy for you."

He broke the window.

I won't tolerate that anymore.

Rome is in Italy.


That would be nice.


Your flight leaves at 2:30.


Kouji was lucky; his traffic accident left only a minor scratch on the side of his car.

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It's possible to win every battle, but still lose the war.

I don't want to live in a big city.

"So, what happened to Saad?" "He disappeared." "Reeeally?"


Most folks ate very quickly and the food soon disappeared.


There must be a conventional procedure having a conventional effect.

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That man standing over there is my father.


That's a pretty strange-looking bracelet you're wearing.

Dan went to a local gun shop.

I thought Loukas wouldn't eat everything on his plate.


She's extremely happy.


I've always wanted to try to learn French.

I want to see the horses.

Do you think Rand is making a mistake?


We must relieve the refugees of their suffering.

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I did this for my son.

I may not have time.

Karl said you were bright.

Let her answer.

Stephan is barely breathing.

They were outraged.

What are you so scared of?

The point about enclosure is that the configuration of ethnic groups must be clearly described.

Why were you in my car?

Arabic isn't complex.

I thought you said you were sick of peanut butter.

We've been cleared for departure.

I'm glad you were here.

Irvin and I haven't seen each other since college.

It seems you are not taking me seriously.


Serbia borders Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.

We trusted him.

He is engaged in selling cars.

You are going to play a trick on Liisa? Count me out!

You take a drink, then you elbow to the buffet and eat like a pig!


Give them to him.

Jenny thanked me for the gift.

I want to tell you about my problems.

She advised him to work harder.

Maybe I could talk to them.

She asked for my help.

Hurry up, slowcoach!


Did you notice any errors?


What information are you requesting?

A Mr Smith came to see you during your absence.

Who was the female you were talking to?

She is a total stranger to me.

You must be joking! I can't find my passport!


Novorolsky seemed troubled.

She slept even longer.

Hello, son. I trust you're healing well.


The door blew open.


I got pulled over for a speeding ticket.

People have a tendency to underestimate their future needs.

Let's talk.

Micah sang beautifully.

The first time, she wasn't very firm with him.

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Vassos wanted to sit down for a few seconds.

We're still awaiting an answer.

It's your loss.

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He knows how to exercise by himself.

Who owns it?

We don't think the job is done.

In this case, it is more advantageous to buy in cash.

You said we could go.

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I've been waiting for that question.

That still doesn't give us much time.

I had a tooth extraction a week ago.


I don't suppose Svante will be long.

Fuck your mom, bitch.

I could hardly keep from laughing.


He is rich, what is more, he is well-bred.

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Hitoshi is a lot smarter than Tollefsen, I think.


We must draw a line in the sand.


We need to impress Slartibartfast.

They're trying to help.

He is erratic.


He is not a doctor.


Donal won't survive.


Is it always so awful in April?

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Is it true Dominick is moving to Boston?

Lisa was injured in an accident.

Why don't you get a real job?

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Those who like borrowing dislike paying.

I share an apartment with him.

I was really depressed.


To prevent the disease from spreading quickly was not an easy task.

We can't survive on this island unless we find some drinking water.

They continued fighting.


Are ghosts real?

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I thought Valentin and Francis were both dead.

Because of the heat, I slept with a window open.

Job security is a priority over wages.

We'll need Vishal's help.

How many plants did you buy?

I just talked to them.

We might be able to help her.

The gap between them has narrowed.

Do it anyway.


I just heard about it thirty minutes ago.

Her thick makeup is disgusting.

This man is a spy; he must die.


They're hiding in the woods.

I'm glad I found you.

Roxana was in a car accident.

This tree bears ugly fruits.

Whatever was said was sad.

And that's how my mom met my dad.

Better than the one who knows what is right is he who loves what is right.

Life is the only road that can't be traveled twice.

I didn't know this kind of a thing existed.

They've made up their minds not to come.

Susumu studies hard.

Do you think Raja bought that?

You had better have studied harder.

I'll ask her tomorrow.

I can't. It's too heavy.

The Great Lakes supply drinking water.

It looked cheap.

I interrupted the proceedings after 180 minutes.

These flowers come from Holland.


That patient has been in the hospital for a while now, but doesn't seem to have gotten the least bit better.

I'm still not sure where you're going with this.

You'd be surprised how much money Billie has in the bank.