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The Architects Choice for Bird Control

Bird Control Systems for your architectural needs

For over 20 years, BirdMaster has been protecting our nation’s architectural and historic treasures from pest bird infestations. Our bird control portfolio includes sites such as the Statue of Liberty (New York), Philadelphia's Independence Hall, the National Cathedral in Washington, DC and a legion of other prestigious landmarks. Our commitment to historic preservation has led to assignments on the campuses of nearly every Ivy League college, and most of the government buildings lining Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

We Offer:

  • Innovative design and unique products for all types of buildings901-279-0625 and constructions
  • Professional installation technicians with over 20 years of experience in bird control
  • Humane bird control systems which do not harm any birds
  • Environmentally friendly bird control products
  • Effective bird deterrent systems, with minimal intrusion


  • Our installations are virtually invisible
  • We permanently solve your bird infestation problems
  • We protect structures from the damaging and disfiguring effects of bird guano
  • We help safeguard the health of your employees from diseases spread through bird droppings

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Why BirdMaster? is trusted with so many national treasures


Our bird control portfolio includes:

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Bird Control Specifications

We have innovated, developed and devised bird control techniques which have became the industry benchmark.

architectural bird control specifications

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