We need to help her.

This is from them.

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Well, I just remembered.


A healthy curiosity is truly a fine thing.

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These screws need tightening.

The boy was on the point of drowning when his father came to his rescue.

Why didn't you think of that before?

He is watching TV now.

Shatter has lost his interest in studying French.

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world.

It just disappeared.


It's a pity no one here studies Belarusian.

What are your strong points?

Don't walk on the grass.

Dan is a friend from school.

Kate did her homework in the kitchen.

It is difficult for me to skate.

Once the festivity finishes, we'll go back to work.

We are adjourned until 2:30.

Do you still want to give me a hug?

There was a terrible accident on the freeway yesterday.

Ji's living proof that you don't have to have brains to be successful.


I see I have no choice.

It already costs a lot.

I'm just really happy.

There are a lot of long and straight roads in Hokkaido.

If you want your sentences to be translated, your best option is to write them in English.

None of the boys paid any attention to Greg.

I think I'm not assertive enough.

A hole in one is moving on the whole.

I don't think I want to be here.

It has not rained this month yet.

Kory never said he would babysit for us.


When you drive in Japan, remember to keep to the left.

It's almost time for me to go.

Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have gone up in the last six months.


Has Lucy called yet?

I think it was a mistake that he didn't take my advice.

It's him or me.


I just got a new phone.


Kevin almost never forgets to send his mother a Mother's Day greeting card.

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He is very nice. He never speaks ill of others.

During the press conference, the President touched on foreign relations.

I gave all the money I had left to the hairdresser.

May I make a suggestion about it?

You're not listening!

"Do you like traveling?" "Yes, I do."

I think he is Mr Brown.


That watch is very cool.

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This was a bolt from the blue.

Tell me the right time, please.

I can reschedule.


Politician, it is a shitty job, but strangely enough nobody ever wants to quit. Apparently, it is too much of a turn-on.


Edith looked a little dazed.

Aw, my father's going to China.

I was so wrong about him.

Fourteen mice were lost when the Jupiter rocket they were aboard was destroyed after launch from Cape Canaveral on September 16, 1959.

I had to get a molar extracted.


He came when I was out.

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She pulled down the blinds.

I want three sugars in my coffee.

Does anyone care or should I just kill myself?

The plane took off at seven.

Look, I know how you feel.


I don't plan on losing.


Turn the hose off.

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Ben spread a rumor about me out of malice.


Blind people read by touching, using a system of raised dots called Braille.

Adventure is worthwhile.

The clock stopped. It needs a new battery.


Is this the car Randal told us about?

You're not invincible.

Is he coming home at six o'clock?

Today, the president of Iran signed the international human rights agreement.

She folded her baby in her arms.


Everything has a price.


What would you recommend we eat?

This sentence is sad.

It was a bummer.

Don't touch me.

I have been to the station to see my uncle off.

You're mocking me, aren't you?

You can't keep Annie from going to work tomorrow.

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She cares for the children.

Carter was huge.

The bank is on the left.

Her life spiraled out of control after she met Teresa.

I'm supposed to talk to you.

She got off the bus and ran towards him.

It brought me down to earth.

They were too tired to climb a mountain.

Barry Taylor's name has been put forward for the post of chairman.

It's beyond any doubt.

Read your statement before you sign it.


Does Yvonne like school?


Let's make a big circle.

I failed.

He admitted John yesterday.


Vaughn gave Krzysztof a dirty look and then left the room.

Hardly anyone ever comes to visit me.

Being an anglophone is a double-edged sword. On the one hand you speak the world's most useful language perfectly, but then no one wants to talk with you in another language, which makes the process of learning foreign languages more difficult.

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Am I so different?

Because I am a student of old language.

You don't know very much about me.

There was some monkey business going on when they were negotiating that last contract; money passed under the table.

Dominick's unexpected death devastated his work colleagues.


He sang on-stage.


I didn't understand anything at today's seminar.

The Japanese have tried to learn the Western way of thinking and feeling for the past hundred years.

It all happened so fast.


Glen said he wouldn't be gone long.

Debi lit the candle.

I'm not the same person I was three years ago.

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You're energetic.

I barely made the train.

I managed to get out of the scrape.


What do you want to do this afternoon?

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Could you bring me a blanket?

He changed a few words.

Ji connected the TV to the antenna that the previous owner of his house had mounted on the roof.

I want one!

Mason speaks English with a distinct French accent.

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You should be real proud of yourself.


It was worse.


Just ask Harris to help you.

Thanks for clearing that up.

My grandmother raised a family of ten.

I found out that you had successfully passed the entrance exam. Congrats!

Be realistic!

What you're saying is completely true.

Carelessly stringing words and constructions together, you ultimately get a finished sentence that makes sense. Isn't that a miracle?

This machine is broken.

Tatoeba contains many sentences that fill your bill.

Do you really trust him?

What does that have to do with it?

I don't have a penny to my name.

He didn't come because of the storm.


Men get their growth before they are thirty.

Tell me you don't know anything about this.

You need to be there for Isidore.

There are still some dry states in the U.S.

From hand to mouth will never make a worthy man.

Past the west coasts of Europe and Africa to the tip of southern Africa.

I asked around about you.


That does not accord with his statement.

Carole might be here any minute.

I'll work even harder than before.

I broke my leg.

He happened to be there.


I'm sure he would approve.

He's a jesuit.

It might've taken longer if Major hadn't helped us.

I'm really not in the mood for homework today.

I think there are a lot of beautiful women in Australia (YMMV).


I could always come back later.

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I'll give these to her.

"A cat?" asked the old man.

The girls' chatter was endless.