Me and Tal's recent discussion prompted me to ask you. I expect cats to taste better than dogs. Agree?

Did Werner vote?


Krista's curt, businesslike tone put off her clients at the maternity ward, especially on their special days.

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He returned from abroad yesterday.


I want people to know what happened.

Eddie is OK now, isn't he?

Jerrie doesn't often have a chance to speak French.

It happened one night.

I want everyone to be there.

They're losers.

I need that as soon as possible.

C++0x will admit template functions that take an arbitrary number of arguments.

I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming.

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Let's turn over a new leaf.

Have you given Harvey the key?

I'll apologize.

I want you to spend time with Frederick.

I think we're going to need it all.

I can help them.

He expressed regret over the affair.


She isn't much of a poet.


My mother made me study for three hours last night.


He is improving in speaking English.

Is Natasha a common name in Russia?

Jarmo told me he didn't know anybody named Everett.

Brenda is a lot younger than Spencer thinks.

When reading certain comments, people can completely lose faith in humanity.


You used me.

You never stood a chance.

In accordance with Japan's constitution, the emperor is a symbol of the Japanese state and the unity of the Japanese people.

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She'll come even if you tell her not to.

I am forbidden to use this telephone.

She is getting worse and worse every day.


It was kind of unexpected.


I am not concerned with it.

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Kristi still seems concerned.

That's absolutely correct.

Should we try it?

I don't really want that.

She stirred the soup with a spoon.

I plan to write Colin a letter.

Are you materialistic?

Does this candy contain liquor?

I am tired of the day-to-day routine of life.

Dory has come up with another plan.

Without her advice, he would have failed.


They will bring Ricky.


This restaurant is noted for its good food.

I felt dizzy when I got up.

It's not safe for me here.

I can't get by without him.

Do you guys remember Sridhar?


Final Fantasy is not a movie, but a videogame.

I see no other possible explanation.

She looked upset as she read the letter.

They told me I should go to the doctor.

Andrew became active in politics.

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I like snow a lot.


Don't use all the hot water.

Won't you come and see me this weekend?

Did they go to museum by bus?

Sharada had an argument with Orville.

What did Harris have in mind?

Time has passed very quickly.

My grades were inferior to hers.

The lion jumped through the burning ring.

Take a look around.

Welcome, everybody.

Is it bad?


He missed the last train by a minute.

Clyde asked me to go to a movie with him.

Would you like to taste this yummy cake?


The hotels here are kept unusually clean.

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If somebody isn't trustworthy, nobody will offer them an employment contract.

Everybody liked that.

I miss my mom.


I have a short-sleeved shirt.

I'll present it to you now, but it's for your birthday.

Lyndon told Hector that he thought they'd been spending too much time together.


Why couldn't you tell Helen?

We need to get there early to bag a seat in the front row.

I had been making the same mistake all my life.


She came even though the weather was bad.

I certainly don't want to go to prison.

This day started like any other ordinary day.

I love Laurie's hair.

I've been trying to reach you.

As I checked your delivery that I received, I found it included a T-shirt which I did not order.

This is the tsunami: the beach will come to you if you don't come to the beach.

We've been ready for an hour.

Tell Wes I really wish I could help.

Shadows hung to the walls like cobwebs.

He looks tired.

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I filled up the jacuzzi with hot water.

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Willie said it would be OK to swim after dinner.

I can't hear myself!

It's only a minor misunderstanding.


Who'd want to hurt us?


See you later.

All the other little rabbits came out to see how happy they both were, and they danced in a wedding circle around the little black rabbit and little white rabbit.

Let's go visit them.

Your answer isn't correct. Try again.

Nothing's there.

Fill the bottle with water.

In addition to water, sunshine is absolutely necessary for plant life.


Have you finished reading that novel?


I came to Japan last year.

What Dieter said was inappropriate.

We're right behind you.

Vic patted me on the shoulder.

One should read many books when one is young.


We know this is real.

I can't imagine that's true.

How many steps does this staircase have?

I found out Emil has a criminal record.

I'm going to stay here with Ramiro.


I have to live with it.


There below lies Germany, which was formerly covered by a very dense network of railways and canals.

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Happy when borrowing, but upset when having to return it.

One is tall and the other is short.

We can't find a good sewing machine anywhere.

The stars are spread all over the night sky.

She filled her bag with apples.

She is always complaining of one thing or another.

Do you like dancing?


I guessed that he was an ex-serviceman.


Though worried and harried and tried, he won through at the last.

The doctor cured him of his cancer.

Ramiro loves to talk about his travels in great detail.

When will human greed end?

Himawan is always trying to boss everyone around.

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Land prices are running higher every year.

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You can't trust anything he says.

What marvelous work he's doing, donating books to needy children!

Tony has finally arrived.

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Any bed is better than no bed.

We couldn't take a bath for want of water.

I paid in a lump sum when I bought a television set.

I was exhausted by a full day's teaching.

That accident was due to his carelessness.

You aren't crazy.

I think exams ruin education.

Corsairfly is an airline based in Paris.

Milder temperatures are expected next week.

Earnie can't do the report without more direction.

You seem to have lost sight of original objective.

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He is a sort of painter.

At Kuroda Primary School we assemble at a prearranged time and go to school as a group.

The lost and found section.


He grabbed my breasts.

I've only used this two times.

I'll be waiting out front.


Vinod and Adam enjoyed singing songs together.

We heard a loud explosion.

Jones has spent all his money.

That is an actual fact.

Gina was starting to feel flattered.

I expect nothing but excellence from my employees.

Spy begged Louis not to leave her.