Aygul is not in a good position to answer the phone right now as she's holding a meeting.

Flying is too expensive.

Jelske had just one word to cut so that out of this sentence, forever, disappeared our Juha.

Elefen is a special language. It can be written with both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet.

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I'd rather go hungry than eat this.

Skip should run.

They went ahead with the plan since there were no objections.


Space wasn't able to do what he wanted to do.

There is a cat in the meeting room.

In the beginning I did not like him, but now I do.

Get her away from me.

Jong works on Sundays, too.

"What did you think of the movie?" "It was okay, I guess."

He looked for the keys in the drawer.


I should've told Kanthan sooner.

It's the right size.

Did Thomas offer you a beer?

You are the last person that I expected to meet.

I feel nauseous.

The beasts ran through the plain.

I recommend studying French.

People should be warned.

We can't get a hold of them.

I don't shake hands.

Is it made of iron?

We are anticipating receiving a gift from our uncle.

Wolf lost his job recently.

Pamela's master didn't let him eat without his permission.

He's bound to notice your mistake.


Every time I looked at him, he was yawning.

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Why don't you come and see me sometime?


I want you to be nice to him.

You shall listen to us.

He regretted not having taken my advice.

It's not hard.

They believe me.


I told you to stay away from my sister.

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My life is falling apart.


Air is a physical substance which has weight.

He had, I thought, no right to do that.

I just thought we could make up.

Raanan has charisma.

Steve worked for a local Mexican restaurant.

I'd like to think about it.

Travis is majoring in art.


After a couple of drinks, the guy was feeling no pain.


Do you have any idea what time Takayuki will get here?

Our teacher urged us to study harder.

You're bringing me down.

Today's rate is 140 yen to the dollar.

Have you already started to decorate?

He is the man who I believe can help you.

I've got the feeling that I already met her somewhere.

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He received a million-dollar settlement.

My beloved is white and ruddy, chosen out of thousands.

Nobody can do it like he can.

I talk with Hugh and Barrett all the time.

He stood behind his mother.

That publisher specialises in children's books.

There are not enough doctors to give proper care to the children.

You've got to check this out.

I have just been to the station to see my uncle off.

Come whenever you'd like.

You have to drink water.


Erik seems to have forgotten my name.

You're just not trying.

They demanded an end to the flood of immigration.


I don't feel like going in costume this year.

He succeeded in spite of all difficulties.

Did Collin sing any songs you knew?


I saw an amazing bird.


I hope that Japan will abide by its Constitution.

Before adding a new sentence, please check that your sentence brings new vocabulary by searching the keywords.

We've never talked about it.

Was that too easy?

They struck the wall with their fists.


Dress warmly, the night air is very cold.

Ahmet's story really touched us.

Alejandro put oil on the bicycle chain.

That's stretching the point.

Pratapwant is good at technical stuff, isn't he?

There are many galaxies in the universe.

She saw everything.

We are strong together.

She's smaller than me.

It took them two years to build the house.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live?


You've got to come see this.


They weren't strong enough to help us.

I'll send you the recipe.

How did you know Magnus wasn't going to like it?

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Sheila managed a small bar near Boston for quite a few years.

They won't eat meat.

The day will surely come when your dream will come true.


These vegetables cook slowly.

I know how busy you've been.

Western leaders condemned the action.

He occasionally visited me.

Not all of the jazz band kids could afford Harmon mutes.

Never trust Anton.

Let's shake the rug.

The government will have to take drastic action to solve the problem.

Let's flip a coin.

Lucy's innocent crush turned into an obsession.

I want to take a bath.

I ate an apple before I went for a walk.

I'm learning Basque.

We're going to be aggressive.

It may never happen.


Adam straightened up his bedroom.


Prices may change.


Do you think Lorenzo is having fun?

When did you enter the army?

Rodney kept his hat on to hide his baldness.


My father is engaged in foreign trade.

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The company where Alison works is losing money.

After all, nothing remains forever.

Could I try to do it?


How could I hate him?

I work for somebody else now.

Can I shake your hand?

The whole horizon glowed with the light of the fire.

I went back to my village during the summer vacation.

I'm sorry, we're all out of manti.

Vadim couldn't get the job he wanted.


He has two adult sons.


Well, in that area, of course things are different for men and women.

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A nice roast chicken is one of my favorite dishes.


I don't think you've been listening to me.

My cake fell while it was baking.

He jumped into water without removing his clothes.

Scarcely had I gone to bed when the telephone rang.

How much are you asking?

The situation in Hungary was more confused, at least until 1947.

I just have one quibble with this product.

Barrett and Harv celebrate Christmas together every year.

I won't stay here alone.


Quit bothering me.

Every morning, I go shopping.

I dream of being in Japan.

I want for you and me to be happy.

We're all scared of them.

I've never actually met her.

She's smarter than you think.

Leather is raw material to produce shoes.

It's popular among senior citizens.

There were plenty of role models all around us.

He began to blush.

Yesterday I got tired out and I need to rest.

He got angry when he found out about their plans.

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Francisco has some serious doubts.

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I'm not old enough.

Spass runs fast.

I think Guillermo is unpredictable.


My leg hurts now.

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We might not need to attend the meeting on Monday.


I'm not supposed to be here.


The ditch is ten feet deep.

I saw them this morning.

How bad could it be?

I asked them to keep quiet.

It is twenty years since they got married.