Oh, I love life in the woods, declared Urs suddenly after a long silence, while he was relaxing on his blanket.

I need evidence.

Don't pick on me, please.

You've got my computer and I want it back.

Wait a little longer.

My girlfriend gave it to me.

He put up the notice on the suggestion board with a pin.

If Siegurd can't do it, nobody can.

Can I go back to sleep now?

I took pity on her and lent her the money.

He's stark crazy.

Don't you guys have any self-respect?

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All the houses in this neighborhood look so much alike that I can't tell them apart.


In Venice, there are always lots of tourists.

Caution: risk of electric shock. Do not open.

Suddenly clouds obscured the sky.

We watched a baseball game on television.

The train was brought to a sudden halt.

That would be a complete waste of time.

They are having breakfast now.

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We will do it.


No one can know.

This textbook is good.

I am good friends with Bill.

Could you please tell June not to park here anymore?

He is an acrobat.

Are you alright?

This is a collector's item.

You hit me, which results in my pain.

Let's split.

Tait said that he didn't have time to answer all my questions.

I've never heard of it.

I made sure that children who'd forgotten their red pencil came to borrow one.

Art takes many forms.

Then interaction with others becomes important.

He was tense with his new business.

No pain, no gain!

There are some songs from Scotland.

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What are these pictures?


You're a sight for sore eyes.

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Why don't you just forget it?

I'm surprised Clem doesn't know how to swim.

Penny doesn't carry a purse.

I will not wait forever.

Clay carved his initials on the large oak tree in front of the school.


This world is a mess, and I just... need to rule it.

Ofer thought it was cool.

I wonder what she really means.

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Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

We don't think Harv killed Vic.

Do you mean you don't know?

Please keep this a secret.

It's a red herring.


Did you receive the letter?

My mosquito bites are itching. Do you have anything I can put on them?

Let's let them try that again.

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You've made your bed, now lie in it.

If I were you I'd give him a hand.

Yvonne's eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.


I understand his point in a way.


I can't be going fishing all the time, I have to bring home the bacon.

Taro is taller than any other boy in his class.

Don't believe everything you hear about Andreas.

After working all day, Pedro was really tired.

The way some people see it, associating with the opposite sex is just like going to the seaside and gathering stones; everyone can pick up the ones they like.

I'll see about getting the tickets.

If there are problems, call me.


She is just such a teacher as we all admire.

"Who is he?" "A soldier that will fight."

They have broad shoulders.

Not all blondes are dumb.

We must never confuse the two.

Don't say anything about anything.

I rely on you to help him.

Of course he's innocent.

The workers like to gather in a pub where they can let their hair down.

She was stupid enough to go out with him.

I work hard in the garden.

In Kabuki not only talent but also heredity counts.

You knew that, right?

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Jose is a scholar.

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You don't get to sit here.


Billie took the key from the keychain and handed it to Isabelle. He was now the owner of her little house.

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I never asked him.

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He'll come with me.

The party ended at midnight.

His action is against the law.

A bride is a woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her.

I want to learn Persian.

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Briggs remembers telling Cecilia the story about how he had escaped from being eaten by cannibals.

What will become of the children after his death?

I've always wanted to own a sports car.

I didn't know that song.

Marcel has two brothers who live in Boston.


It's all going to work out, you'll see.


The new model was larger, faster and more refined than its predecessor.

Drink, so you won't get dehydrated.

I met Spy tonight.

I'm proud of him.

No woman had ever done this before.


Dion sells T-shirts at a 30 percent discount.

You are special.

How does a computer work?


OK, what's the secret?

He behaves well in school but at home he causes problems.

I took for granted that they would give me a receipt.


Please call me when you come next.

I've come to like the picture more than ever.

I'll lend you my book.

A very unfortunate case came to our attention several years ago.

She was in her cups.

Scott has been arrested more than three times.

My brother has an ear for music.

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Each of them has to write a report about what he saw.

Please think positively.

If you ask a mathematician if he is an adult or a minor, don't be surprised if he answers "yes".

Willie was hiding behind a bush.

I'm easily influenced.


Did you go to the police?


I thought you'd reach the same conclusion as I did.

Touch a document.

I began to feel as if I had haplessly tumbled down into this crazy wonderland.

They didn't offer me anything.

Suu knows a lot about Beverly.

I bought that off eBay.

I saw Laurent talking to a beautiful girl.

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You must not forget to write to your parents at least once a month.

I guess I'm not the first to tell you that.

Oliver didn't want to get married, but his parents forced him to.

You scared us.

I'll always love you.

I love the scenery viewable from the Shinkansen.

I'm making chili.

I lent him a CD.

In spite of my diet, I couldn't help taking a slice of chocolate cake.

I haven't been here in three years.

Clean out the shed and throw away things you don't need.


If it rains tomorrow, I'm not going to the meeting.

I'm not unsympathetic.

Barrio speaks French better than he speaks English.

This is an incredible result.

A limo has just pulled up outside.

When she entered the room, he got to his feet.

The television show was interrupted by a special news report.

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I gave the beggar all the money I had on me.


Even if all it manages is to get part way, it will "tap you on the shoulder" and alert you to its conclusions.

I invited Lindsay and his wife to our party.

She died on a cold night in December.


I know you'll pay me back when you have the money.

Every bus is full.

I think you should talk to them.

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That is, my dad is two years older than my mom.

Its presence is important for me.

I'm sure you deserve better.


I look forward to meeting you.


That's what I wanted.

Marriage is the union of a man and woman.

Dylan says that he and Anderson are moving to Boston.

The President offered a new plan.

That isn't what I was saying at all.

No, no, that's okay.

I think what he said is true in a sense.


The students stood up one by one and introduced themselves.