People were worried about what might happen.


People here are very hospitable.

That's a nice ring.

Your opinion is far different from mine.

Does anybody here know him?

Amy is getting on your nerves, isn't he?

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When I was in Boston, I visited Ralf.

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You sounded just like him.


Saad was treated like a king.

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What does what happened last night have to do with what's happening today?

We're going to look into it.

I'm not in the least worried.


It's possible that he came here when he was a boy.

We should think much of the opinion of the minority.

You gave us something to talk about.


How did you feel then?

And they knew something which the Europeans did not.

She is an actor.

Did Terrence say where he went for his summer vacation?

Dwayne was hiding behind the door.

Rev. King fell backwards, shot in the neck.

I'll ask Jill if you like.

My father has been dead for ten years.

Green leaves are coming out little by little.


I know you can see it.

Please tell me what happened.

She's American.

I don't want to meet him.

We forgot to plan for that.

Jordan forgot to pay his phone bill.

I'll go for a walk.

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We must take care of our planet, the earth.

Can you help me get to the hospital?

I went past my stop absent-mindedly.


Let's schedule a meeting.

I don't want to talk to her.

Wendi seems to know a lot about me.

Two crows are flying in the sky.

The Europeans began exploring the Americas in the late 15th century.

Jerusalem is the Holy City of the jews.

Just ask him.

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You're a true gentleman.

Your cake is very delicious.

This company was established in 1930.

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He saved me from danger.

I want to protect him.

Pelicans have large beaks.

He knows how to lock this door.

Ozan signaled Tuan with his eyes.

I don't think Hein is schizophrenic.

Shutoku has contributed a lot to the company.

I get along with everyone.

Hold her for me.

Sorrel shrugged his shoulders.

Why is the summer holiday not here already!

I've seen her before.

I keep telling him to listen, but he won't.

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Alf is traveling around the world.

This is not a good idea.

Many devices there are for escaping death.

I don't use birth control.

I can afford one, but not both.


Janos purposely left the last page blank.

I'll be in there in a minute.

I'm willing to try.

He came about two.

Elvis says he intended to go shopping.

Molly is getting soft in his old age.

The only problem was that Hans didn't really like Jose very much.

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Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe.


Elliot went to work at fifteen.

I've entered appropriate settings on washing machine.

The screen is giving off green light.


Spike knows that Juliane and I are friends.

I saw them enter the bank.

My husband is having dinner.

I don't believe half of what I've been told about you.

I really like your music.

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One may add matres lectionis when the word could be ambiguous, but surely it is not obligatory.

She always takes good care of her old father.

Sex is any man's favorite, most enjoyed hobby.

He failed in business for lack of experience.

What would Terri need?

This tie does not tie well.

You have my permission to try.

They're doing their work at a snail's pace!

It doesn't pay to talk with him.


Everett and Julie are going through a rough patch in their relationship.

What in the world are you doing?

They could not get there quickly.


He never looked back.

Luckily Arne didn't see Tahsin.

What's everybody laughing about?

His answer depends on his mood.

All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man.

Root said all right.

Your spirit has fallen into the hell.

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The government decided to impose a special tax on very high incomes.

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I'd be content if you paid me with cash.

I did that earlier today.

I hope that you feel better tomorrow.


I knew I wasn't the only one who thought that.

I hope something bad doesn't happen to us.

Leads got up and left the room.

I always thought that suffering a heart attack was an omen of death.

It's astonishing, the size of his head.

Let's try to arrange something.

Jong has a tiny dick.

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Juri and Laurence have recently become friends.

I thought you should read these documents.

Stuart almost never goes to Boston.

I haven't heard anything.

Is it possible I also know this lovely person you're speaking of?

Jeany disobeyed me.

It's fun to watch the race.


If this part is affirmative, why is this other part a question?

He placed the ladder against the fence.

The valley echoes the sound of the waterfall.

Who wants to eat now?

In asking voters to approve the new tax, the President appealed to reason.


I heard Dawn singing in the shower.

The robbers did away with their victims.

If you hear anything new from him, please let me know about it.


We prayed that our children would forgive us.


This building was put up in six months.

Johann came to Boston looking for work.

Dion posted the picture on her wall.

Don't make me use this gun.

Quality of life was worsening.

All of these sentences need a full stop.

Japan trades with lots of countries in the world.

I want you to tell Julie that you don't love him anymore.

We have the same birthday.

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I hope that all your dreams come true.

She speaks two foreign languages.

Immediate action should be taken.

We discovered that it was all a lie.

I used to dream about you.

She sleeps as if she had never done that before.

Bert's daughter is three years old.

Curtis is already here, but Stephe hasn't gotten here yet.

Am I really the only one here who doesn't understand French?

Do you want to play something?

I must start doing the exercises.

What shall we buy him for his birthday?

What kind of wine should I bring?


You should stop trying.

He read into my words a message that I hadn't intended.

Turkeer called me a cab.

We had a quick lunch at a cafe.

She was weary with age.


I think about that all the time.

Thus, the ethical issue remains: Should cigarette makers be allowed to target global markets?

Patterns of married life are changing a lot.

Did you visit the Tower of London?

Asians eat rice.

Father used to say that time is money.

Have you read any interesting books recently?


I'll save you a seat.

I'm real careful.

Bear in mind what he said.

In a country where individualism is more common, personal objections to smoking in public are usually respected.

I wish I were as ready as you seem to be.

French is spoken in France and in some parts of Italy.

I'll bring my sister to the party.

Jesse has been spending time with Jacobson.

He stretched his arm.