Don't let your guard down.

He always goes to work at 8:00 a.m.

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The length of the article is not to exceed 1000 words.


I hit on the terrific idea of cheating at cards by chance.

I hope you don't get an upset stomach.

What do you have in this bag?

Mohammad always got up early.

That's very distant.

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I seize the moment and turn it to my advantage.

Real was absolutely miserable when his dog ran away.

He is a man after our own hearts.

Can I see it?

This is only for you.


Have you ever memorized the national anthem?

I'll let you tell her.

The villa was harmonious with the scenery.

You really do speak French quite well.

Shakespeare knew only a little Latin, but he put the little he knew to very good use.

Didn't Izumi wear that same tie yesterday?

Alex is just an ordinary man.

This tool will come in handy during the trip.

Mechael was snuggled up in bed reading a book.

The human skull consists of 23 bones.

Takao is not eating between meals in an effort to curb his weight gain.

Deb never told me he wanted to go to Boston with us.

I don't think I can love two people at the same time.

I'm not a fan of centrism.

I'm going to take this to my office.

What he said to Beth was nothing less than an insult to her.

Clem will never willingly go there by himself.

Farouk is super religious.

She has always had problems with the circulation in her hands and feet.

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Len stared at the picture of his daughter.

You're the one who invited him.

It's a ridiculous question, really.

I'll call Lea.

It makes no difference whether he will come or not.


Judge still doesn't get the point.

They destroyed stores and factories.

I'm aching to tell this good news to my family.


I still have bruises where the mule kicked me.

He became a policeman.

No pain, no gains.


Russell overheard our conversation.

I was worried you wouldn't do it.

Vladimir decided that it wasn't necessary to take the medicine the doctor had given him.


I like to catch flies.

He said nothing as to money.

How did you make it?

He has an interest in collecting insects.

I felt sad.

Grace was given up for dead.

Rakhal is the best swimmer I know.


Please take another one.

It's the 11th most common element in the Earth's crust in fact.

Italian is my mother tongue.


I don't see any way of stopping Leith from doing that.

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It is very difficult to speak a foreign language correctly.

He ranges with the great writers.

Don't tell her I'm here.

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I slept through the 3 hour-long sermon.


Does Leila know Betsy?

Joseph can count on Thuan.

Such was his courage that he feared nothing.

Try to ignore them.

We don't allow Stuart to watch TV until he finishes his homework.

He has lived here since he was five years old.

Go that way.

It's time for you to tell me the whole truth.

The accused made up a false story in the court.

Let's get a cab.

"Why can't I just have a normal boyfriend? Why? Just a regular boyfriend who doesn't go nuts on me!" "Everybody wants that, dear. It doesn't exist."


Your doll's very pretty.

I want to go swimming.

This document is for your eyes only.


Kids these days have no imagination whatsoever. Only a nationwide revolution and sweeping economic reform will bring the hoop and stick back into vogue.


He will return from Europe soon.

I want to choose the new kitchen counters.

You are in my heart.

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Andre scared me.

I didn't realize Lui was married.

He is a scholar of French history.

Doctors give us information about our health.

He'll be glad to see you.

It's so obvious we don't need proof.

There was a large audience at the concert.


Maria was, of course, acquitted.

Do you have any idea how much it cost me to become a member here?

They've done it before.

I have to be back in Boston by Monday.

If Kelly said he'd help, he will.


Of course he was familiar with jazz.

I would have gladly gone abroad during high school, but my parents didn't want me to.

We talked about music.

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I'm feeling lucky today.


How does Damone do it?

Artificial leather can't compare with the real thing.

If I could understand it, I would tell you so.

After you leave, we'll be very sad.

I really liked you.

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If I had money, I'd buy a computer.


This has to be the truth.

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Would you like anything to eat?

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I just now signed the divorce papers, and with this I'm finally free!

Starbuck is awfully skinny.

A cabbage is a familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and wise as a man's head.

Vincenzo had no problem doing it.

I'm getting used to doing this.


We cried banzai at the news that he won the gold medal.


My speaking and listening in Turkish needs improvement.

We see the same side of the moon at all times.

The heater doesn't work.


That's a crime.

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That area's off-limits.

Melanie is studying right now.

Maybe at the time she accidentally left her car key in her room.


I have bruises all over my body.

They both looked back at them.

What can we do to relieve the monotony?


Can you please clean the board?

He's wearing a sleeveless shirt and a trucker hat.

This is just the type of car I want.


What an embarrassment!

You're using me in your art like this without consulting me?

I hope you like this.

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I told Heather I'd help him.

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I'm prepared.

We live in peace.

He's old enough to drive a car.


Ricardo suggested it.

It'd look good.

A wonder lasts but nine days.

Could I change these pounds for dollars, please?

Especially during winter, Ralf appreciated the weatherstripping material that Shankar had installed to prevent doorway draughts.

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Leif did his best to resist Dirk's sexual overtures.


Rogue said that you and he had lunch.


Back then, they plowed the fields with horses and mules.

Leonard doesn't understand French at all.

The girl is reading happily.

The fireman soon put the fire out.

Carisa had a hard time making himself understood in French.

Merely to breathe does not mean to live.

The baby is cutting his teeth.

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One side of a coin is called 'heads' and the other side is called 'tails'.


Chinese diver Chen Aisen earned a perfect score on his last dive.


It took me several hours to mend it.

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His rudeness was conscious, not accidental.


Don't blame me for your mistakes.

The changes are being made as we speak.

I'm not allowed to do that.


She has no thought of self.

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but rather that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

The opinion of others is all the same to me.


I'll get in touch with them.