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CoolSpools is the complete information management solution for IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries). It converts spooled files (spool files, spoolfiles) and database files to PDF, Excel and other formats, enabling you to move away from paper-based documents and save time and money by distributing information automatically in electronic formats.

CoolSpools comprises the four product options listed below, which can be purchased individually or together.

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815-328-9084 CoolSpools Database CoolSpools Email CoolSpools Spool Admin
  • Converts system i spooled files
  • Supports PDF, Excel, XML, HTML, text and other PC formats as output
  • Supports all system i spooled file types as input, including *SCS, *APFDS, *IPDS, *USERASCII (PCL), *LINE and *AFPDSLINE.
  • Archives and saves spooled files.
  • Publishes reports on your system i, Windows or UNIX server, website or intranet.
  • Splits spooled files.
  • Merges PDFs.
  • Exports data from database files in Excel, XML, CSV, HTML and text formats.
  • Saves Query and SQL output as an Excel, CSV etc.
  • Distributes queries, reports and database extracts to your users and customers in electronic form.
  • Email from your system i
  • Supports multiple attachments (SNDDST allows only one)
  • Supports the entire IFS (SNDDST only supports QDLS)
  • Simple command or API.
  • Automatic conversion, distribution and management of spooled files
  • Work with spooled files online
  • Select batches of spooled files and run the same command against each (e.g. mass archive, delete etc.)

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