The car was destroyed in the accident.

Ralf was skeptical at first.

We had to make other arrangements.

Seth told Moses he thought she'd already drunk enough.

Did you hit her?

I'm not buying your story.

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On the religious side, the decision caused serious dissension among followers.

Do you still live with your parents?

Woody added her husband's name to hers.


You've been really good to me.


What gave me away?

Why give them anything?

I'm giving you one more chance.


Everywhere were fruits and sweet and delightful flowers.

When they arrived in the town they found it easy to make friends.

Tomorrow, there's likely to be rain.

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They're required to work eight hours every day.


Do you understand your orders?

But life is hard.

I'd like to introduce you to my boss.

And no one helped you?

We have a package for them.


Yeah, that's what I meant.

It doesn't work so well because the batteries are running down.

He tried to persuade her.

You must show your passport.

All you have to do is study harder.

What is plausible?

Randolph often wears a knit ski cap in the winter.

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I don't have time to wash the dishes right now.

Kory wasn't able to finish his dinner.

They have already been alerted.

Pratap made serious errors.

We probably should've left earlier.

The girl lifted her face, still wet with tears.

Anything could happen in a place like this.

Visit our website for additional information.

To tell the truth, this matter does not concern her at all.


This cloth is made of cotton.


I have finished my homework.

You owe them an apology.

I need to check it.

Would the person who pranged into the back of my car please own up?

He'll be able to make it in three hours.

I suppose it can't be helped.

It annoys me that my friends aren't here.

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She looks sleepy. She may have stayed up late last night.


When was the last time you offered flowers to your wife?

You'd better tell me exactly what happened.

I have always liked the mountains.

I could do this for a while.

I could not but sigh when I heard the news.


I need to get away from him.

We all loved them.

The address is read: uzantonomo at email dot com.

It's stuck.

I have big dreams.

The principal theme of the book is the American Revolution.

This medicine will soothe your headache.

I have an aunt who lives in Los Angeles.

Where did you get that suit?

Stop biting your nails.

What's going on back here?

I know that you can understand me!

She was my boss.

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He likes vegetables, especially cabbage.

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They waved good-bye with their hands.


Rayan hasn't changed a bit since college.

Brodie sometimes walks to school.

We have had enough.


I hope they were listening.

It was rather funny.

You have to do to work. Work won't come to you.

I didn't understand in the least what he said.

Beth's dog enjoys being hoovered.


You look healthy.

You won't have to worry about Catherine.

Watch your step when you get on the train.

Put it in the drawer.

Sho declined our job offer.

This must be done quite otherwise.

Where's the ticket counter?

The weather is unusually cold.

I was outside when it happened.

The candidate was disappointed at the outcome of the election.

Even the longest day will have an end.

A party is a good place to make friends with other people.

You're foolish.

Have you been told when you are expected to be here?

Did you actually see it happen?

Drink with me, Sanand.

That's just crazy.

There were three beautiful sisters, fair and delicate. The dress of one was red, of the second blue, and of the third pure white. Hand in hand they danced in the bright moonlight, by the calm lake.

Has your dog ever bitten you?

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I told her not to come here.

Suicide is an act of desperation.

His face says that he lost.

I don't think you have much choice.

How many men named Wolfgang do you know?

There weren't any other elephants nearby.

The more I try to forget about my ex-boyfriend, the more I think about him.

I will come back as soon as straight.

We don't know what the future holds for us.

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It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched, for they are full of the truthless ideals which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real they are bruised and wounded.

Would you be friends with me?

Stress is a very serious problem in today's society.

I told him I wanted to go to Boston.

When a cloud passed in front of the sun, I felt chilly in my wet clothes.

This is one of Stephanie's favorite books.

Is college worth it?

I do that all the time.

Sridharan walked down the street whistling a happy tune.

The genie granted Catherine his wish.

We're going to help.

I think I won't do that.

His old Fiat runs on petrol.

I would like to live in Iceland.

I know both of them.


My e-mail address has been changed as follows.

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The ship touched ground.

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Before coming to Berlin, I had very little interest in German history.

Barney slammed down the phone.

Krzysztof's family was also there.


This is my life and no one has the right to tell me what to do.

I can watch TV all day without getting bored.

She called me at an unearthly hour last night.

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You're ruining my life.


I heard Gerald snoring in the next room.


Was everything you just said true?

The bitter gourd, even if fried in butter and put in sugar, remains bitter nonetheless.

It wasn't me, commissioner!

I am currently learning Esperanto.

I came to work here though his introduction.

There's got to be a better way of doing this.

He compelled us to come earlier.

Thanks to Facebook, stalking is no longer the bastion of a few devoted enthusiasts, but a highly automated task convenient enough even for the busy housewife.

I'm Surya's supervisor.

Where are you going, boy?

The more complicated the law the more opportunity for scoundrels.

He is the person to lead the next generation.

We hope that the truth comes to light.

He doesn't work as hard as he used to.

Sofoklis is looking through his desk drawers.

The banana is sweet.

I caught an awful cold.

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It was so foggy I couldn't see who it was.

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They cleared the pavement of snow.

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She asked him to open the window.

Yoga helps her to be calm.

I have an appointment tonight.

I shouldn't have told Juliane to do that.

I'd like to see the principal.

I am going grey!

How you behave toward cats here below determines your status in Heaven.

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The most dangerous inmate escaped.

There's no coffee left.

I'm getting tired of driving on this winding road.

It was a controversial decision.

It's not possible to do two things at once.

I don't like your patronizing tone.

It'll be hard to convince Billy.

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Einstein won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his work on the photoelectric effect.

Maybe you shouldn't tell Hubert.

Your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Antonella has been a kept woman until recently.

Ricky barely passed the test.


I wanted to warn them.