Stop being so ridiculous!

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She's left me.

Every dream comes at a price.

The auditorium was packed.

When a small boy is helping you, you must make allowance for his age.

Wilson made fun of Markus's shirt.

Gigi can't cook very well.

His homework having been finished, Herman went to bed.

I didn't lie to him.

The poet and scholar is dead.


He is too old to walk quickly.

Karl trusted you.

The first thing you must learn is to stand on your own ideas.

I'm much happier wasting time looking at a handsome woman than a pretty one.

It was nearly midnight.

Forming a cabinet is difficult.

It makes sense now.

Jitendra and Those are waiting for the bus.

I don't want Elliot to come to our party.


I suggest you keep out of this.

My brother studied in England.

Sorrel lives in Wales.

What do you say to taking a walk by the seaside?

I failed to come on account of a heavy snowfall.


This money is mine.

Her repertoire on the piano is not very large, but she has learned every piece by heart.

The doctor said I needed to learn to live with the pain.

I told him what I know.

Smoking in the office is against our rules.

I was instantly attracted to her.

The job market is not saturated.

I wish you great success.

Let's wait for a few days.


I know that you're afraid of flying, but flying is not dangerous.

Eddie took another swig of wine.

You're frightening the guests.

Cole has a terrible reputation.

Whoever says so, I don't believe him.

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I've told you a million times.

The boy has grown out of all his old clothes.

Vijay's pulse is weak.

Do you recognize anything here?

I only meant to scare her.

We want Honzo to help us tomorrow evening.

Carlos hopes that it'll be fine tomorrow.

Let's talk about ways that we might prevent this from happening again in the future.

This morning, I heard the great news of the new arrival in your family.

I probably sing better than Donna.

It's been a very difficult year.

Where did Tor work?

The museum is open to the public.

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Baseball players should allow for the wind in catching a fly.


I don't want to get married, but I want to have kids.

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Far from being but the object of their ambiguous relation, Ti was the subject of all Deborah's attention.

I will not go to school tomorrow.

It's so different now.

Why are you taking this so personally?

Do we need to wait for you?


That just doesn't make any sense.

Jitendra wanted Tai to leave him alone.

Let's face the facts.

Some were already a bit drunk.

Earle was struck by a car on the pedestrian crossing.

Can I talk to you over here for a second?

You could've told me the truth.

We used to be friends.

You picked a bad time to bring up that topic.


I told Shel I wouldn't allow him to go.

Diane and Victor are our best friends.

He is deeply attached to her.

Well, don't you have anything to say?

She only wants alimony. In every other respect, I mean nothing to her.

Let's wreck him.

You can rely on her.

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I'd like a little help.

It is a great mortification to the vanity of man, that his utmost art and industry can never equal the meanest of nature's productions, either for beauty or value.

He was better than I expected.

Secrecy is of the essence in this matter.

Tandy says he wished he could go with us.

Are you productive?

I am thinking of going abroad next year.

Robin doesn't live far from here.

What's the score?


I use the subject line to determine the contents so please fill it in.


Every man desires to live long, but no man would be old.

So nobody bothered about me.

I miss talking with you.

The United States has been one of the greatest sources of progress that the world has ever known.

I'm going to see some student.

This car was ours. Now it is theirs.

You look very delighted.


I dare say he will not come.

You shouldn't lie to me.

It was such a hard test that we did not have time to finish.

Do you think I'm being too cautious?

This new medicine may aid your recovery.

The film lasted 2 hours.

They were afraid we wouldn't get there.

What became of these amounts?

We've known each other for thirty years.

Leora didn't get paid for all the work he did.

Not seeing them for a whole month makes me sad.


Clay probably didn't mean to do it.

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No one who owns a pet is allowed to live in this apartment building.

I'll take a trip to Kyoto next month.

Sometimes it's not so simple.


I found that she wore the same dress that I had seen her wear last time.

Why didn't you just pay him?

I asked Marlena if I could talk to him in private.


Let's talk over a cup of coffee.

Man is born without teeth, without hair, and without illusions. And he dies the same way: without teeth, without hair, and without illusions.

I fully agree!

Jimmy told me he was really happy there.

I'm too busy to go.


The infamous female burglar was never caught.


Hundreds of buffaloes moved toward the lake.

It is possible to write Braille by hand using a slate and a stylus.

I am no longer tired.


Going for a walk with you would make me happy.

Here's a treat for you.

Ross received a commendation for bravery for rescuing a woman from a burning house.

Please deal the cards.

Try to be a more rational consumer.

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Many people dream about fantasy vacations.


It's my habit to read on the toilet.

Are you sure there's nothing else to eat?

If you don't find me attractive, then just say so.

You used to love swimming.

It will mean a lot for the village.


Apologize to him.

Nobody deserves to die like that.

You don't have to come.


I would rather remain single than live an unhappy life with him.

One should do one's duties.

Please help yourself to the sweets.

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He has given out.


We cleaned the house.


He paid much money to stop her mouth.

Colin did a great job.

These young people are talking loudly amongst themselves and have absolutely no regard for those around them.

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The frost has melted, the sun is shining, it promises to be a beautiful day.


She cried that she was innocent.

Julian shouts a lot.

He plans to buy a new bicycle.

This is where Luis pointed to, I think.

I was on the list.

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She declined the invitation.

She's very protective of her.

The gang knocked him down and robbed him of his watch.

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My favorite color is orange.


Rabin likes experimenting.

We're not all students here.

The economy is deeply connected to politics.

You pay for the convenience of living near a station.

I don't want to grow up.


This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

Don't say that you're bad. Ever!

Let's not talk about it.

It's no crime to just idle the whole day once in a while.

We tried to cheer him up by taking him out.

Your advice has been of great help.

Ritalynne didn't have a good time at the party.

The godless community was perceived as uncivilised by its neighbours.

We spent the night laying on the grass looking at the stars, so we could find a meaning or logic to life.