Сhocolate processing machinery
Сhocolate processing machinery
Professional Processing Equipment
Professional Processing Equipment

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Founded in 2017, our company supplies chocolate manufacturing and processing equipment. We are happy to offer solutions for small, medium and large scale chocolate production.

From the manufacture of real chocolates, compounds, etc, in our CIMS Refiner Conches, through to transfer Pumps, Storage Tanks, Tempering Machines and a variety of processing machinery, we can help with your business needs.

Our range goes from processing equipment like Sugar Mills and Mixers, to equipment for more advanced stages like Moulding Lines, Chocolate Drop & Chip Machines, Enrobers and Coating Drums.
Our Company
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Poligono Industrial Can Parellada

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Main office
115230, Москва, 
Хлебозаводский проезд, дом 7, стр 9
Телефон: (495) 646-35-78
Телефон: (495) 646-35-78
Факс: (495) 646-35-79
Московская область, Рузский район, 
посёлок Тучково, 
Восточный микрорайон, дом 6/1.
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