I realize I messed up.

Something you should know about me is that when I get angry, I get quiet.


He is researching the problem.

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What time is lunch?

When you look for an annual diary, what's the most important thing you look for?

Much as Rick would like to visit Boston, he can't afford it.

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We ate a very delicious pie.

Everything was gone.

I'd recognize Valerie anywhere.

Don't worry. Everything'll be fine.

The incident sowed the seeds of the war.

Millie loves me.

Why don't they like me?

I want you to stay on the beach.

She fell in love with a Russian immigrant.


We were speculating.

Look at that mountain.

The novel has sold almost 20000 copies.

I splashed my face with water.

He has always associated with large enterprises.

Albert took a couple of eggs out of the refrigerator.

I was often seized by despair.

You said we could go.

I watched a movie with Duke.

It's almost midnight.

I don't really know him at all.

Winter has gone. Spring has come.

Wait for them.

I don't want to take your money.

Sergiu gave a sigh.

I think Rodger is gullible.

Gabriel showed up early for practice today.

Who's calling?

Maybe someone made her do it.


I was trying to get it right.

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That would be ironic, wouldn't it?

Lou doesn't want anything to do with me.

Suyog applied for the job, but didn't get it.

I am going to free the prisoners.

I tried to call him back.

It's solid as a rock.

I swore off drinking only to start again the next week.


I'm going to have to think about that one.

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Nothing's wrong with me.

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Piete is buried in Boston.

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It turned out to be the truth.


I have a splitting headache.

Denying she was an anarchist, Katja maintained she wished only to make changes in our government, not to destroy it.

Ricardo was unable to remember what he had eaten for breakfast.


I'm not confused.

Before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.

Brad is standing at the window.


Sedovic knows he's right.

How many sanitary towels do you need every day?

Well, what do you think of me?

He embarked on a new enterprise.

Hey, don't give up! You can do it!

Miriamne banged on the door.

None of this was meant to happen.


This question is one of great importance.

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You've changed a lot.

I want you to go for me to my friend the Serpent King, in his beautiful country at the world's end. Twelve years ago he built a castle on some land of mine. I want you to ask for the rent for those twelve years and also to find out from him what has become of my twelve ships which sailed for his country three years ago.

There are three buttons.

The teacher speaks good French, not to mention English.

Are we really in 2015?

Vick is a sore loser.

They have had no rain in Africa for more than a month.


I don't know why they're doing this.

To tell the truth, I used to smoke two packs a day.

We rented bicycles and saw the sights of Hagino.

They're green.

My father went to Hong Kong on business.


Three x cubed plus a constant... Where was I?

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Ask a policeman!

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I don't think it's dangerous.

I met them tonight.

How can you get to the stadium?

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She spoke scarcely a word of English.

You gotta be making this up.

Who'll drive?

Why do I have to do that?

Doctors save lives.

He wasn't sure why he found her attractive.

Vicky came to Boston when he was a child.

Everyone is more or less conceited.

Do you think I can't handle this?


The first thing you'll usually want to do is check the oil level.


Gretchen is watching a soap opera.

Kobe is the city which I was born in.

They're both crazy.

I wanted to be here.

Don't fail to call me as soon as you arrive there.

I walked around the block.

The term "qipao" is widely used in Northern China.


Their marriage ceremony was performed according to the custom of the district.

You're not from around here, are you?

I've had enough of this, young lady!

It was now a race against time.

Why is Sergio still popular?

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With the T.V. on, how can you keep your mind on your studies?


You can call off the search.

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It's very unlikely.

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You should talk to her now.


That tax is completely useless.

Billy asked me to take it to Kee.

During the battle, it was as if time had stopped.

Charlene is particular about what he watches on TV.

I hope Danny enjoys singing as much as Ravindran does.


It seems Mom is doing the dishes.

I just solved the puzzle.

That's why I need to meet them.

She was head over heels for him.

I want to speak with Victoria, please.

I am having a good time.

That was something I wanted.

Les has a Blu-ray player.

I have made up my mind to become a journalist.

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I'm being honest.

I'm not allowed to have visitors this week.

This ticket is available for a whole year.

The police verified the car's license plate.

Who looks after the children?

I have become forgetful.

It was indifference.

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I don't have any more time to talk with you.

I can't help you do that.

I have nothing to complain about.

Even in the most difficult situations, Jerrie has never lost heart.

You know I'm much smarter than you.


Is it really you who started art classes?

Jackye enjoys reading novels.

She is bad at sports.


Everyone was delighted by this morning's headlines.

Knut hates being here.

Toby was wearing a trench coat.


Why can't we just be friends?

Some economists estimate that housewives' services, valued in money, would amount to about 25% of GNP.

Somebody touched me.

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They found drugs in his luggage.

Keep it simple, Tad.

I'll go to Boston next week.

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I think it's time for me to turn on the radio.

Did Thomas tell Tharen what time she needed to be here tomorrow?

I'm glad you didn't call me.

There's beer in the fridge.

Deal the cards.


Root should have apologized to Olson.

My parents have just arrived at the station.

I saved up my food for later.


I don't think this is the right one.

I simplified my life incredibly.

Pantelis broke down and told Amarth the truth.

As the Mongol Emperor who welcomed Marco Polo to China, Kublai Khan became a legend in Europe.

Be nice to others.

I recorded one.

Can I dance here?

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He suggested a plan similar to mine.

Whatever makes you happy makes me happy.

Morris wasn't very polite.


I want to look like him.