Duane never was skinny.

We will bring Donal.

He didn't show up at the party last night.

Rakhal majored in Japanese literature in college.

We are apt to watch TV, irrespective of what program is on.

Don't get anywhere near that man.

Her arms and legs are long.

You can win all the battles yet lose the war.

Vistlik's cat needs to hiss only once, to scare away the neighbours' dogs.

"When do you swim?" "I swim in July."

It's not anybody's fault.

Devote your whole attention to your duties.


The couple have seven children.

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Dan went ahead with his plan.

Pamela told Calvin to leave me alone.

We will have to postpone the meeting.

Do you think Rajeev will accept my invitation?

Alison can speak French better than I can.

Many kinds of animals have vanished from the earth.

Nils said he had more important things to do.

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Let's rejoice.

I find foreign languages very interesting.

Are you able of swimming?


Let's not argue anymore.

The boat is run by the dog.

Despite all his wealth, he is stingy.

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I don't know how much more of this heat I can take.

I hate the guy who lives next door.

Get my rifle.


She made a good speech.

Please don't tell anybody what I just told you.

Shannon sat at his desk reading a report.

This dog is taught to bark at strangers.

Your guess is as good as mine.

They like nobody and nobody likes them.

You can borrow my car until you make enough money to buy your own car.

Randy walked Dwight to the gate.

We almost got them where we want them.

This river is the widest in Europe.

My sister has a good command of both English and French.

I really admire you.

If something happens, don't say I didn't warn you.

The shortage of engineers is the greatest bottleneck to the development of our company.

She is a native speaker of Dutch.

Ram wouldn't allow me to leave.

I can't go back there now.

Thanks for your cooperation.

That's the car I told you about.

Do you want something to eat?

Granville seems apprehensive.

A book which, more than all others in the world, should be forbidden, is a catalog of the forbidden books.

There are lots of things for us to think about.

You are my three best friends.

I took some creative liberties. I hope you don't mind.

Can you tell me how to get to the station?

Ramiro is trying to get back in shape.

Anything could happen here.

Agatha lit the candle with the match.


I must finish in a given time.


But I want a car.

Curt hasn't heard anything from Shankar for more than three years.

Let's cut right to the heart of the matter.

I have nothing to lose.

But the universe is infinite.


I want to go there.

Allied military leaders found a way to defeat the Japanese plan.

I'll be late.

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Please leave him alone.

She got a part-time job so that she could study at college.

My house was broken into last night.

If you really want to know, why don't you ask Gale?

Did I fall asleep?


To feather one's own nest.


That was a lie, wasn't it?

I went to Paris.

The nurse applied a medicine to the affected part.

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Did you give June a present for his birthday?

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It is the role of a student to study.

I came as fast as I could.

How many times do you wash your hands every day?

Jamie is making jam.

We'll stop at the New Osaka Hotel and pick up Mr Takakura.

This stuff's awful.

I don't have any feelings for you.

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I've never tried Mexican food.

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There was no warning whatsoever.

The mother tickled her child with a feather.

I really like snow.

As a parent I was in a truly pitiable state.

Teriann is wearing a new suit.

Everybody has to adjust.

I'm not lying. I swear to God!


He is very smart.

Jared is going to be a problem.

Soon I will have double the number of nieces and nephews I have at the moment, as my sister-in-law is pregnant with triplets.

I am going to try to get a good tan.

You were terrified, weren't you?

What a prospect!

Please read from the highlighted text.

There will be a full moon tonight.

Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals.


Insofar as possible, our examples will be drawn from English.

I pulled the trigger.

I'm from Norway.

This is somebody's sick joke.

I'd like to buy that, but I don't have any money.

I'm not leaving the two of you alone.

Standing as it does on a hill, the church commands a fine view.

I was just being hospitable.

The woman who is sitting on the sofa is my grandmother.

I can't bear the thought of being away from you.

Isn't it time for you to leave?

You idiots deserve to lose.

I blame myself.


Simon listens.

A policeman came up to him.

It's not very far from here.

She is a massive dimwit and inherently apathetic and incapable of rational thought.

I don't think we can see each other anymore.

John is Terrance's son.

Did you actually see it happen?


I had my watch fixed.

Ima is afraid of you.

Bathe your feet to get the dirt off.


It's doubtful that Sanand will still be alive when his children get to the hospital.

Racism exists even on television.

I didn't feel like buying a car.

Don't you think Todd might object to this?

What're you doing out here?

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What's the go for the afternoon?

He was so tired that he laid himself on the grass.

What's Takayuki doing there?


You must have forgotten them at the office.

Let's move.

Alastair broke up with Patricio.

Please just leave.

Give us a call.

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A calculator is more efficient than an abacus.

May I have a moment with my client, your honor?

The tape recorder was lying on the table.

Tal has a very large nose.

I'll teach you what you need to know.

You know I love you!

Adlai gave Sjouke a box of chocolates laced with poison.

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The report states that there will be a depression.

Louie challenged Lou to a game of chess.

Tolerant is leaving Kobe tomorrow morning.

We acknowledge receipt of your letter.

What an insane world we live in.

You look a little green around the gills.

Even the most carefully made plans frequently result in failure.

Stephan said he didn't want to do this.

Have you called Lucy yet?


I just want to get better.


That one is all yours.

I'm beginning to see why you like this game so much.

What else do you want?

Let me in.

That's a man's job.


All you have to do is to cultivate the ability to put yourself in the other fellow's place.

No one finds this interesting.

You're out of control.

I know where it is.

Vicki is feeling dizzy.


Look! There's a cockroach besides the fridge! Do something quick!

One of England's kings abdicated the throne in order to marry a commoner.

The town in which I live is rather small.


She will be here in no time.

I need some coffee.

A kitten up a tree.