Polysoft Corporation founded in New York, USA in the year 2000 is now a Phoenix, Arizona based company. To facilitate users to create, manage, query and use databases in their own native language, we provide them with necessary software tools to commence, create and use their applications. We provide  the
business suites in the following languages initially, viz., English, Deutsche, Spanish, Hindi and Tamil. Users can download the software, create and run databases, connect with their applications and start using them freely for 1 month. Thereafter, they can either allow us to host their databases while they can remotely connect their applications with it at their liberty for an indefinite period of time for a small fee for monthly use or they have the option to install the software (client/server and mobile use software) alongwith an export
dump file which they can install at their sites easily by buying them for a small fee. Additionally, the suites for use in languages viz., Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Telugu, Kannada, etc., are under construction and will be soon available.