This is the second article in the series about plugin infrastructures.

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Why didn't you help them escape?

Several people are rich in money and poor in purse - by his wife.

Take good care of what you eat and drink every day.


Try to keep your eyes open.

I don't need them.

Jose doesn't have a good French-English dictionary.

I checked Google, but I didn't find anything.

It takes courage.


I wish I was as hungry as you.

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We're looking into the problem.


Romain, could you shut up for just ten seconds?

Do you know, girl, that you're the first secretary I've ever had who stood up to me?

Are you already married?

Their opposition broke down.

You're losing.


I feel helpless sometimes.

Let Shakil stay there.

You know what's going to happen, don't you?


Give them some privacy.

She denied having met him even though we saw them talking to each other.

You didn't tell them what we wrote in that blog.


Meanwhile, I want to draw your attention to a point.

I don't think Roxane is going to want to do that.

I don't live here.

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We're ashamed.

How did you get that much money?

I drove Theo's Prius once.


I just spoke with her.


Svante asked for Mick's permission to leave early.

She helped the old man cross the road.

I'm not doing anything behind your back.

I sent Piet home to Boston.

The longer we wait before trying to correct the problem, the worse it's going to get.

I wanna go!

Her silence seemed to confirm suspicions that she was hiding something.

She milked the cow.

I'm going to make this work.


He told me how to get to the museum.


Can city-boys plough?

Douglas didn't want to work in the coal mines, so he moved to the city.

What did you make of that?

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We don't yet know what we're up against.

I warned him.

I can't go with you tonight.

We haven't heard from Harvey in a while.

George is a lot of fun, isn't he?

Many of the text formulations arouse suspicion that the author failed to mention a reliance on some English source.

You must go to work.

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What is the probability that at least two students have the same birthday?


There are no direct flights to Boston from here.

The chicken has already been eaten.

Which one is your sock drawer?

We've already covered this subject.

Do not kill Edward; it is good to fear.

Derek filled the box with food.

You must have forgotten them at the office.

Manny went skiing alone.

I will have been studying for five years next February.

Procrastinating was a terrible idea, as Fletcher found out that he had completely omitted an important essay.

Norma arrived later than usual.

I read the story three times.

Anna is a stubborn guy.


I'll join you shortly.

The colour is a bit too dark.

That belongs to us.


Is this what scares them?


Knowest thou whence thou comest through the forest vale?


Is this your book?

Leora got up and went into the other room.

Cooking is my secret passion.


Last year, he spent three months at sea.

Mitch has two dads.

The teacher explained the difference between the sentences "We all know Archie is guilty" and "All that we know is that Sergei is guilty."

He named the ship the Swallow.

I think that's unacceptable.

Don't encourage her.

My hobby is weight lifting.

Did you drink some milk today?

His old Fiat runs on petrol.


Who told you to go home?

What sort of fruit do you like best?

Where's your magic wand?

Saumya has to go shopping with his mother this afternoon.

Floria is very crafty, isn't he?


Changes came quickly.

Some Japanese are concerned about how their country looks in the eyes of foreigners.

Add the onion.

She failed the math test, so she had to take a remedial class.

Do you sell advance tickets here?

Fifty years and not one bit quieter.

If anything, my father seems happier than before.


Polls have consistently projected a 47% vote for Labour.

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I'll never be able to do that without your help.

I'm a lefty.

You can do anything you want to.

Excuse us for a second.

You should take photography lessons in order to be a photographer.

Apparently, you're very good at it.

Kemal and Ric moved to Boston.

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Let me get Kathryn.


She was accepted into Boston University.

Guinness is my favorite beer.

Dan couldn't understand the magnitude of what had taken place.


I am a being of light in the body of a monkey.


Take the afternoon off if you want to.


We marched in the rain.


This is a killing machine.

Who knows when Pitawas was born?

You're wrong about us.

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Although old, he is still very much alive.

I'm still feeling a little homesick and so many things seem strange to me.

The water coming from the faucet is strange. It has a good smell.

Dreadful apparition, why do you trouble me?

She speaks quickly.


Have we left out anything, Mara?

The solar energy technology is cost effective today.

Hilda served dinner.

I hope this problem can be solved soon.

They say it's important.

The candle went out of itself.

Sorry, "my hands shuddered with the cold" was a bit over the top.

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I'm not forgetful.

I have missed my train.

I've never worked with him.

Listen to the rain.

Dieter watched Ellen dance.

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This is a letter.


I will be waiting for you at baggage claim.

Kamel told us that we could buy a ticket at the door.

You've got my word on it.

He put his arm around me.

As soon as man is born, he begins to die.

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I don't want them to be alone.


We have a very limited stock.


Dare you ask her?

It's easier to learn a new language when you are young.

Why didn't we help Amarth?


I don't want to leave.

It's hard to resist.

Edith looked like a truck driver.

We don't have enough information.

Other people can think what they want, as long as they think like I do.

He is twice as old as me.

I'll assist in any way I can.


I was hoping you'd be there.

That one's for me, too.

I have read every book in the library.

Nou became a famous actor.

We'll speak to her later.

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Olaf wants to make a day trip.


Roxane stole something from my house.

How many of your students are here?

What's the difference between fermentation and putrescence?

That's a sign.

Kristian isn't very helpful.