She's very lonely.

I'm sure people ask you this question all the time, but it's all that comes to mind right now.

She was tempted to come with me.

Claudia said he tried to kiss Bret.


Do you feel like resting?

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This handbag is mine.


His story wasn't appropriate for the occasion.


People who work longer hours don't always get more work done.


It's horrible.

They were adults.

Can he have said such a thing?


Krzysztof has something he wants to say to you.


She lost an earring.


She is teaching us English.

If you just crouch a little, the signal flag can just be seen flicking in and out of sight.

I just fired Lucifer.

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A telephone is more useful than a necklace.

I was just wondering how much it would cost to have my car washed and waxed.

The crowing of a cock is the harbinger of dawn.

Linda has just opened a restaurant on Park Street.

Ron is probably still doing his homework.


If it rains tomorrow, let's stay home.

The doctor is young. Is the pilot, too?

How soon can I meet you?

The weather forecast is not necessarily reliable.

Bryce is charismatic.

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I visited her on Sunday morning.


I followed the law.

I'm not that desperate yet.

I was shocked to see it.

Something's happening on Park Street.

Does anything exciting ever happen around here?

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Do it or die!

I never had this happen before.

Masaru wants to join the English Club.

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That's only fair.


The street is decorated with banners.

Why don't you talk it over with Celeste?

I've hired Billy.

I'm not going to play this game.

Chuck saw an accident on his way to school.

Catholics could not openly observe their religion.

My knee hurts a lot.


Frances drank the glass of vodka.

You're confusing her.

Someone called.

I have the sincerest conviction that this whole affair will end, sooner or later.

Well, when exactly?

You have not eaten the cake yet.

Sunil didn't actually see the accident.


I don't want to think about the price of gasoline.

I want to go to school and study hard.

It would be better if you read more books.

He has a very vivid imagination.

This water is safe to drink.

Stanley may not make it on time.

When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion.


Nigel walked over to the door and opened it.

Let's keep it private.

I would like to write a book about Cyprus.

She is not only well known in India, but is also well known in China.

You will eat.

I usually go on foot.

Where would you be if you were Elijah?

This magazine is issued every month.

We will all die.

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I don't know her address.

Jelske wouldn't go away.

Joyce needs medical attention immediately.

Why do you want to kill us?

That makes you tear out your hair.

Something's obviously wrong.

Mac really likes sports a lot.

Chet asked me what I thought was going to happen.

Gabriel often helped us.

We've got to handle this with kid gloves.

I don't quite agree.


Have you lost your tongue? Why don't you answer?

It's not hard to see what the results of this rise will be.

Floria fell through the ice.


Gunter closed the closet door and locked it.

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We heard someone go upstairs.

You can stay here all night if you want.

I'll be better in a minute.

We opened this store in 2013.

We'll be friends.

When a door closes, another one opens.

Maybe I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night.

Theodore has done this before, I'm pretty sure.

Sangho is standing on the stage.

I have a red house.

If only I'd been a little taller!


I think I saw a ghost in the woods.

The explosion ruled out their survival.

A church is a place to pray.

Can you get in?

He is not as clever as my brother.

The plan will develop our city.

Nate will appreciate it a lot.

I wrote down the address for you.

I met Tony on my way home yesterday.

He moved to the East Coast.

You have to risk big in order to win big.

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Have you really decided not to wait?

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I'll be out in a jiff.

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He put great emphasis on spoken English.


I was young when my parents got divorced.

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I know it's a hard thing to do.


Mosur's father was an accountant.

Micah didn't really want to leave the party early, but something came up.

She helped me willingly.

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I think he's interested in me.

What's your real opinion?

Glen didn't bring his tools with him today.

I'm sure Saqib would love it.

Rabbits have a lot of offspring.

I feel sorry for these children.

Has Marika ever visited Japan?

These technical terms derive from Greek.

There are many leeches in my farm.

What else did the thief take?

The treaty is now a dead letter.

He threw me out of the house.

Jakob spoke in a low voice.

My door is always open.

What a great thought!


Get on in here.

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You are a true warrior.


I got kind of scared.

His name's Pieter.

Aside from a brief flirtation with belly dancing, Wolf decided she would rather kick-box.

This is gonna be wild!

It's a lot less likely for a Macintosh computer to have a virus than a computer running Windows.


"No one will ever believe that." "Well, Jeannie believed it."

Were you ever good at sports?

He carried out his diplomatic mission with success.

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Honesty is no guarantee of success.


The earth completes a rotation around its axis in exactly one day.

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We're not really going to buy all these people steak dinners, are we?

That's just nonsense.

It was not until three days after that I knew she had disappeared.

Blaine takes Bill's kindness for granted.

Sure I can, although I can't really speak Shanghainese.


Carol isn't really helping us much.

He is three years younger than Father.

He is certain to turn up.

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You knew this would happen, didn't you?


The newspaper says that he committed suicide.


We're just busy enough to stay in business.

It's already time for us to go.

Chris has been gone at least an hour.


The park was designed for small children.

She started to engage in sexual activity.

I'm not leaving them.

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No weather was severe enough to keep him indoors.

Children are admitted free.

Taurus knows how much you love him.