He spoke for one hour.

We should notify Huashi of our plans.

Barbra doesn't want any part of this.

Annard begged his father to buy him a new bicycle.

Just promise me that you won't do anything stupid.

Children sometimes have imaginary friends.

Can't you understand that it's impossible?

The gardener turned out to be a murderer.

She has a lot of faults; even so, she is liked by everybody.

Out of Alice, Bob and Kevin only one doesn't like cats.

But you're not there.

We are bound for Domestic terminal 1. We will not be making any stops at the International terminal, so please take care.

Where do you write your novels?

I want to rest a little because all the homework is finished.

It shouldn't be that way.

The audience applauded and whistled.


I do not like tea, so I generally drink coffee for breakfast.

The police confirmed that William was the murderer.

A politician must always be able to account for money he receives.

Murray wanted to go out with Ragnar even more than you did.

We'll never get there in time.

The privilege is reserved exclusively for women.

I had never seen a more beautiful sight.

He knows how to mop his room.

She couldn't find the words to express herself.

I bought a glass vase.

How can I overcome this?

How is Lanzarote?

There was a woman here earlier looking for you.

You should have come with us.

I will certainly never have a son.


If you live to seek revenge, best dig a grave for two.

The bus will be leaving pretty soon.

Many characters are nuns.

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It took me three years to write this book.

Experts have failed to come up with an explanation of why the explosion happened.

I had my hair cut at the barber shop yesterday.

I've been concentrating on my work.

Coleen fired his promoter, as attendance at his concerts had dropped sharply.

She approached him with a smile on her face.

Russia is a Nordic country.

If you gamble on the stock market, you are an investor... If you gamble on the derivatives market, you are a trader... If you gamble at the casino, you are a loser... Morality?

Dan grew up at an orphanage.

I asked Naren if dinner was ready.

You don't have to try.

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Let's leave early.

Going out drinking with the guys makes him feel macho.

The human body has a mysterious power to keep itself healthy and sound.

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I think I can.

I never saw him again, nor did I regret it.

I'm glad to be alive.

The repairs will cost at least 20 pounds.

I stopped to get gas on my way home.

This must be hard for you.

I'm leaving now.

Ana's boyfriend is so cloying. He's always trying to kiss her and hold her hand.

I love the beautiful town.

I take the bus to school.

This book is the literary equivalent of Haribo sweets: you only want to eat one, but end up devouring the whole packet.


I didn't have any choice.

As far as I can tell, there's nothing medically wrong with Polly.

He didn't have MMR shots in Japan.

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Barrio decided to join the army.

She cannot be relied on because she often tells lies.

Tanya is gaining weight.

Frederic is leaving Boston tomorrow.

Let me save you some time.


You can't take any excess baggage on the plane.


Wolves travel in packs.

The bank refused to grant me the loan.

Let me check the manual.

I totally agree with him.

Japan and China differ from each other in many ways.

It's me that's wrong.

Say it ain't so.

Jane has been quiet and moody for the past few days.

He stopped smoking.

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They are both awful.


I didn't care what I had to do.


That's our business.


Vic took off his hat and bowed.

There was a message for me, wasn't there?

Jane wasn't the only one who was very hungry.

I told Geoffrey to stay.

I think you should look at this once more.

I know that wasn't how I was supposed to do that.

Ritchey and I were on the same train.


The Romans worshiped their goddess, Juno.

I sent Winston to Boston in my place.

I am no match for boredom.

Damon dropped something.

I just haven't been able to reach Pablo.

Thank you very much for attending.

Amanda can't sing a high A.


They've finally paved our street.

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Where are we going now?

I saw the package.

I want something to drink now.

Emotion counts above vocabulary in verbal communication.

It won't be wise to overwork at the cost of your health.

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That train is going to Niigata.

They shot Lorraine.

This book is older than that one.

The motorcycle started in pursuit at breakneck speed.

Who was Niels meeting?


I could sense Michelle's presence.

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Shut the door on your wayout.


If Jeremy hadn't been here, you wouldn't be alive now.


I'm writing a song.

People were evacuated because of the flood.

Everything is really great.

It'll come back to you.

Let's face it, he's not going to change his mind.

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Coleen has a list of people who helped.


Pierce is a human skeleton.


We could all see it coming, couldn't we?

Of course. The apples come from a good farm not far from here, and the fruit is delicious this time of the year.

I'd like you to look into it.

I don't think that we should buy such an expensive car.

The higher you fly, the harder you fall.


I hear that you'll have a meeting today.

He came back two days after.

The baby waved its legs in the air.

We're all creatures of habit.

What's Kamiya doing here at this hour?

That would be a problem.

This is the friend to whom I gave the key.

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My whole body began to shake.

Luis drank his soda.

Do you know the Wikipedia website?

I'll stay for three more days.

That English book is too difficult for me to read.

I don't agree and I will tell you why.

Do you annoy your brothers?

I passed behind him without being noticed.

They are going to throw a party for Sam.

Who are you going with?

It is very hard to tell what country a person comes from.

I'm not going to work today.

The competitor twice jumped the gun.

Two thirds of the students came to the reunion.

Uri didn't have to talk to me if he didn't want to.

It is one of the beautiful compensations in this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.

You need to get here as soon as you can.


Hui and I were right after all.

I have made many mistakes in my lifetime.

This makes my blood boil.


He declined the job-offer very politely.

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It may well snow tomorrow night.

Jagath seems to be concentrating on something else.

They executed Frances.

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Our teacher doesn't just speak English, but French too.


Did you give it to them?

Whose paintings are these?

It isn't permitted.

Doug hoped the rain would stop before he had to walk home.

I know you didn't mean to hurt Juan.

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Gregg seemed stunned.

I really hope Micheal is happy here.

He suddenly hung up the phone while I was speaking.

I almost died.

The printer had a paper jam.

This is our favorite dinner.

Shall we begin now?


I thought that might happen.

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Ken has more books than you.