I just finished reading the book: "Making a difference."


Does your brother have his own house in Germany?

I've met people like that.

She so wants to go.

Del is listening to his iPod.

Daren ran as fast as possible.

I can't help looking up to Jeffrey.

He said nothing as to money.

Gill wants to go hunting.

Nothing I heard at the meeting made me change my mind.

I have to visit her.

Korolev was responsible for the Sputnik program which in 1957 launched the first artificial satellite into orbit. Korolev was also in charge of the Vostok and Voskhod programs which proved manned space flight was possible

A trip can create some beautiful memories for your family.

Except for Rajendra, everyone in the family can speak French.


I believed you.

That boy likes to walk around the soap shop.

Last year, there was a bad harvest.

I am squeezing an orange.

Mikey put off his trip to Australia.

It looks good.

Dad wouldn't let me read books in bed.

Shawn says he can't figure Emmett out.

Is there central heating in this building?

Amedeo was drinking at a bar with Kee at the time the police think that John was murdered.

Mohammad is very personable.


I never got to talk to them.

It would be reasonable for him to reject that proposal.

They want to make it bigger.

I go to my father's place twice a year.

Let's see if Stephen can manage to do it by himself.

It was accepted that the problem indeed existed.

I'm not sure I agree with you.

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His noble deed deserves praise indeed.


I think you'll not be able to do that.

You'll be safe if I'm with you.

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun.

Read me your speech.

He worked hard to earn a lot of money.

He ran into the train.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you some questions.

He finished the steak, then ordered another portion.

I wonder why it is that the sound of waves is so pleasant to the ear.


I may need your input.

I really have to finish my homework.

Beauty is a terrible and awful thing! It is terrible because it has not been fathomed, for God sets us nothing but riddles. Here the boundaries meet and all contradictions exist side by side.

He sits up till late at night.

I just need more time with them.

Don't tell Len where I live.

That's how I know you love him.


There are few high-ranking positions left open for you.

We're looking for somebody who is well versed in French.

I think you're all wrong.

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I thought it was fine.

He got four dolls, of which three were made in China.

In the Babylon 5 space station, G'Kar is a Narn ambassador.


Do you want to give it another shot?

Don't take it amiss if I criticize your work.

You're invited.

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Prakash regrets buying the car sight unseen, because it's broken down twice in two months.

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I was told that it's dangerous to swim here.

She makes sure that her family eats a balanced diet.

I'm sure his chemistry teacher would have failed him had they survived the tragic explosion.

Thanks for being on time.

He's very smart, and he's handsome too.

We don't get many visitors here.

She sells seashells by the seashore.

Leung asked Dean to tell him why she was leaving him.

Can you manage?

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She came round to the idea of watching TV.

I want everybody to know what open source is, how it works, what it can be used for and what its implications are.

Don't leave without telling me.

She was trying to fight her mother.

Dirk might want you to help him.

It was you that was responsible for the accident.

Which is longer, this pen or that one?

He didn't seem suspicious.

Do you think you can buy my friendship?

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Arrogance leads to a person's downfall.

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They won't believe me even if I swear it is true.

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Dominic was relaxed.

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It has no parallel.


Let me cut your hair!


I beg your pardon?


Matt made a number of mistakes on her test.

It's not quite the same.

She's not like Randal!

Rye, wheat, and barley are cereals.

You must not keep in touch with him.

What's your wish?

Did you include everything you wanted to say in the text?


Pass the sugar, please.

It's not gambling.

I'd be happy to do whatever I can.


She ran her eyes over the letter from him.

All subscriptions must be paid before the end of this year.

Marcel took out a pencil and started to write.


Tell them what you heard.

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I've got to do it.


She doesn't like him.


I added his name to the list.

To add to his difficulties his son died a sudden death.

The English are polite.


If you get to my house before I do, help yourself to a drink.

I think you've eaten enough.

I can be very persistent.


More than a hundred people are still missing.

Maybe what I want doesn't matter anymore.

Merril heard Myron's car drive off.


You're funny.

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We will survive with God's help!

What's the name of your insurance company?

This place will be difficult to defend.


5000 years of the Space Age have awarded humanity the prize of a much larger living space and a higher survivability rating.


I will help you.

Hugh didn't bother to knock.

I don't understand much about it.


Marie prepared her own meal.

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The leader of the new republic is bucking under political pressures.


I will do everything in my power.

She looks just like my sister.

If you want to, let's all go together.

I just don't want to have people thinking I'm weak.

I will find you, Charley.

Bjorne's body had been stabbed over thirty times.

Actually, that's not quite correct.

Lloyd lived in a homeless shelter for a while.

I didn't tell Ricardo to say that.

How did it go at the job interview?

Bernie kept his cool.

Jean-Christophe told Knapper that he was determined to take the law into his own hands.

Please be reasonable.

No one is obliged to do more than what he or she can.

This district forms a basin.


Accidents have increased in number.

May I use your telephone?

Do you have a pen? I have one.

She is no longer what she used to be.

I believe that one should pay taxes with a smile. I tried it, but they wanted money.

People are likely to be deceived by a smooth talker.

Dion was here not too long ago.

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They sent him to prison in 1925.

I think they want you to do it.

Do you still think I'm good-looking?

Elijah can barely speak French.

What are your hopes and dreams?

The man was banging a blow-up doll.

Rand couldn't believe his luck.


No one has an answer.

Jerry's father, who is in prison, never writes to Al.

It is clear that he is a great artist.

The ship went off.

All the tournament's matches will be streamed live on the internet.


"How long will you remain in London?" "Until Monday."

What is she dancing to?

His heart bled for his lost friend.


Hwa saw something in the distance.

I'm going to find out what needs to be done.

I can't do it in this heat.

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He told me that he had no time to read books.