He felt the warm sun shining, and heard the lark singing, and saw that all around was beautiful spring.

Siping is a botanist.

Dan is a linguist.

Excuse me, without wasabi, please.


I don't need your help, but you need mine.

Mother looked at me with tears in her eyes.

You have it wrong.


Spass came home very late.

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He has little patience.

I planned to say this later on but in Katahane there is no such thing as a 'bit part'.

What's wrong with parading around your own house naked?

Linda filed for a legal separation.

Marvin is very happy to see Jarl.

He did it in only a fraction of a second.

I thought you wouldn't like Rogue.


I came here looking for him.

I burned the cookies.

Werner's dream came true, so why can't mine?


Can you promise me that?

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I live and work here.


For all I know, he may have contributed to this mess.

Mr. Roberto? You're under arrest.

Remember that most people are more interested in talking about themselves than about you.

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She's been working her butt off for the last 50 years! Of course, she feels burnt out!


Bernie followed us.

An enemy of an enemy is a friend.

Is that what you're going to tell Laurel?

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This one is just for you.

I don't want to freak Norman out.

I'll ask her a very simple question.

Elvis was almost crushed by the tree that he was cutting down.

She can say that again!


Can you honestly tell me you didn't know this was going to happen?

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Something tells me that you're hiding something.


I don't think that's the whole story.

I prefer mittens to gloves.

He was a big man called Little John.

Stop being so cruel. Have a heart!

My pastime is collecting insects.

He was mistaken for his younger brother.

His attitude is by no means polite.

I feel terrible about ruining your party.

Don't run around the house.

Japan is an island country.

Do you think it was intended for Edmond?

Are you still working with Paula?

The physical world is a complex web of events, and nothing happens for only one reason..

Max remained perfectly still.

I won't lie to Eliot.

A sudden illness prevented me from going to the station to meet him.

Are you willing to join me?

The United States is ahead by 2 goals against Colombia.

Style is to the writer what color is to the painter.

The two houses stand back to back.

How much is that laptop?

You had wanted to go there for a long time, hadn't you?

My brother left his school when he was fourteen years old.

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He cried out what a nice day it was.

What's your favorite drink in the winter?

Daniel does not identify with the social norm.

Jinny can't tie his shoelaces by himself.

Where should I wait for the shuttle bus?


This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations. But one that's on my mind tonight is about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. She's a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voice heard in this election, except for one thing: Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.

Human rights groups are putting pressure on authoritarian governments.

You might want to talk to them.


Read it to me.

Bob and Granville were married in a small church not too far from here.

I forgot to tell Rayan who was going to pick him up at the airport.

Are you a Filipino?

I am not used to drinking coffee without sugar.

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What an incredible amount of work he has done!

An American politician reportedly said: "All I know is what is on the internet."

Why do you even care?

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She squeezed the juice from several oranges.


The authors would like to thank Dr. Jackson for his statistical analyses.


They're no good.

I found listening to him very interesting.

All of a sudden it started raining.

Some sicko chopper fucked up a lot of his friends.

Vishal and I walked together.


It looks like Michelle doesn't know how to do that.

I'm sure Valerie is mad at me.

Did I say something funny? Did I make a joke?

You really are a smooth talker, Jason.

It's forbidden to lean out of windows.


Can we speak in the hall?

Each country has its own customs.

She took a hot bubble bath surrounded by scented candles.

Noemi tidied up the living room.

Wolverine is an X-Man.

That discovery changed the whole tone of the investigation.

They usually get home later than we do.


I am still on bad terms with her.

Letting Vladimir go wasn't an option.

We have to follow them.

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What I'm about to say is strictly between you and me.


You promised to take care of them.

He is full of life even though he is very old.

The reply came after three days.

Jeanne is the only male in the dance company.

I saw him walking around town wearing his Sunday best.

You can't get in without your key anyway, so you may as well come to have supper with us.

It's either too trite to merit that level of innovation or awkward because the non-standard terminology gets in the way of the meaning.

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My robot's name is Multi.


Sjaak had other plans.

We have offered help.

I'll meet her.

Matthieu wrote a book about a young man who, in the distant future, falls in love with an extraterrestrial girl, during an invasion of the earth.

I need you to take over.

Cleanliness is proper to the Japanese.

The rumor was nothing to him.

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Will it take long to recover?

He actually hurt himself.

Do you know where you're going to?


We'll meet in three hours.

You really need to see this.

There isn't much furniture in my house.


She is blessed with good sons.

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He can no more swim than I can fly.

Mats should apologize to Corey.

Roy got out of bed this morning later than usual.


They're wearing expensive clothes.

There is a fly in the coffee.

I need to go to the gym.


I think it's dangerous to swim here.

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This is a list of what I want for Christmas.

I haven't got it yet.

I didn't tell that guy my name.

Kusum will be back after a while.

Those who bring something with them are welcome.

This house was on the market for three years before it sold.

You must convert dollars into the local currency.

Giving you a star.

I felt comfortable.

Why should I give it up?

Do you remember all of their names?


How did you get like this?

He phoned her as soon as he came home.

I think it's time for me to turn on the radio.

Please educate me.

He acted behind the manager's back.


I don't want to share the hotel room with a stranger.

I never get sick of dancing.

Lana didn't have the courage to tell Stephan the truth.

She's incredibly talented.

The boy had the dish empty in a moment.


He's still at work.

The structure isn't strong enough to support that much weight.

Had he known the facts, the accident might have been avoided.

We'll have to sit at the back of the train.

They're older than Krzysztof.

Tell him we don't want to go.

Joni opened the passenger door for Judy.

Do you believe in angels?

Damon, I have something to say to you.


You can't mix oil with water.

I'm seeing a side of you I never saw before.

We need Benjamin to do more of that.


The Japanese high tech rice cooker that I bought is really worth every penny.

I thought you liked to learn new things.

You'll be all right. I'm sure of it.