Why would Lewis want Ariel to leave?

Ravindranath sleeps all the time.


Everybody is relying on you.

I need him to sign this.

I've never known Takayuki to be violent.


The pelts were too damaged to be sold, so he used them to make his son a pair of mittens.


He is a Cicero in eloquence.

You can't eat chicken? How do you know if you never try it?

She was as naked as the day she was born.

I had to see you.

Voice of America broadcasts from Washington.

I wish it wasn't so hot.

Put your hands behind your head.

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I was about to go when he came.

Konrad hired two bodyguards to protect him.

Is there an index to the book?


I was glad to do a good deed.

It was foggy near the ground.

He performed his duty at the expense of his time.

Del's family moved around quite a lot when he was a kid.

Pavlov rang a bell just before he fed his dogs.

Holding on to the rope firmly, I came safely to land.

They'll be next.


I was kind of hard on her.

Why didn't you mention this before?

We went to high school together, as you can probably gather.


Adlai is a quiet guy.

It took me a long time to figure out what the problem was.

Maybe we really are alone.

Turning to the right, you will come to the museum.

Cory took a bottle of pink pills out of his pocket.


Damon isn't here any more.

What I want now is something to eat.

Lois managed a small bar near Boston for quite a few years.


I can't believe that she did it to me.

The company, wholly owned by NTT, is doing well.

So what happens next?

He stopped short at the gate.

We know little of this matter.


Why are you trying to hide your feelings?

Vilhelm, look at me. Are you okay?

Cut that out!

Mom is washing the dog because he's dirty.

We're still waiting for her.

Thanks to all of you for coming.

I thank you for your willingness.

Don't tell anything about what happened here.

Margie asked her husband to grow a mustache like Sam's.

This idea is not rational.

There is a seamy side to everything.

I've met Jason several times.

Can I borrow one for about two weeks?

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What Adam did made me angry.


Gunter didn't know anyone.

I can help you if you let me.

Brent has a lot on his plate.

Raghu didn't require medical treatment.

I'm taking her home.


The facts did not become public for many years.

I can't put up with this noise anymore.

It won't be long before he can play baseball again.

I don't understand what just happened here.

You can depend on this dictionary.


What do you propose we do?

Tell her I said hello.

What questions do you have about Turkey?

Hippogriff hooves make the finest gelatin.

I really don't remember.


You may rely upon it that he will come in time.

The children took their ice skates and made for the frozen pond.

We have to close the window.

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The medicine decreased his pain.

Damn rascal! Did you really think you were going to trick me?

Who said life is fair?

The telephone is a convenience.

This car will soon have to go for scrap.

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I am engaged to her.


For better or worse, we can't do anything but leave this matter up to him.

Today is Independence Day.

We shouldn't have told Gil that.


Daniele now wears a wig.

It's obvious that Ramneek doesn't like Kim very much.

She took down the speech in shorthand.

Wow! Look at him eat!

What a pity that he fell!

Did you give it to him?

I want to know more about your country.

I didn't have time to eat breakfast this morning.

Tarmi spent the night on the couch.

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But I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.

Who taught you to swim?

Sally wins every time.


Jan removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

If you don't have the vocabulary, grammar isn't going to help.

Duane is hitting Miki.

Can you e-mail it?

It's my biggest problem.

I think it's time for me to change jobs.

Kerri had a splenectomy.

Simply follow the instructions below, and in no time you will be printing full color documents just as easily and quickly as black and white.

Do you want Marcos punished for what he did?

The United States is a democracy.

I was with her last week.


I don't like cold weather.

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Why ever should we fetch the key, I wonder?

He has lost weight.

There's something else I need you to do.

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Her boyfriend is a lazy man.

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Pim gave me this.

The parade had already begun when we got there.

I'm sure I've seen her before somewhere.

I do it because I like to do it.

Jason is not a very good lover.

It's impossible to study in such noise.

Many consumers are concerned about the health risks of genetically modified food.

The city of Mako was a centre for the cultivation of onions.

It's been a pleasure working with you.


It is quite natural for her to get angry.

We have to do something to stop Greg from hurting himself.

How do I gain weight?


Tad tried to ignore the problem.


The brightest flame burns quickest.

I feel very happy.

In order to share it, we'll have to tear it into two pieces.

It never occurred to me that you wouldn't want one.

You're playing with me, aren't you Annard?


Are you agreeable?

According to what I heard, he went over to the United States to study biology.

Roberto asked Daryl to help me.


I'd send my kid out on his own for a while if I were you. A few hard knocks at this point might do him some good.

Quite a few people were present at the meeting yesterday.

Do you know why spring rolls are called spring rolls?

I'm working here.

Do you like this color?

His story departed from his main theme.

I'd like to see the sixth film of Harry Potter.

I feel bad for those people.

How much longer are we going to wait?


"Yes," she said, "you are right".


He hurt himself during yesterday's game.

I cannot read without glasses.

How much did that beer cost?

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I'm fairly certain Tigger would have fun there.

Whatever you pick is fine.

Wilson looks wobbly.

I'm here to show you your worst nightmare.

His unusual behavior aroused our suspicion.

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This is a funny sentence.


Could you call again later, please?

Gotta go.

Len and I split a pitcher of beer.

If someone wants the ceremony to be held in accordance with Japanese Shinto ritual, then that is possible at this church.

Andrea isn't the only one who thinks so.

I think I believe you.

Why don't you like talking about politics?

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We will prepare for a boycott against Western Samoa.

Would you like some salad?

You need to shut up.

Show me the photos you took in Paris.

The dog is brown, small, and thin.

I don't think Anatole understood me.

I think you should open an account here.

Go buy something to eat.

I think you must be mistaken.