What language is this?

We want a government so small it can fit in a vagina.


Science is trying to identify the strange animal.

I have a question for Marc.

I'm just so tired.

The pedestrians must cross only at the green light.

You're stronger than them.

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He was called away on business.

Is Japanese taught in your school now?

I don't want to see you down here again.


Charles Guiteau was insane.

It took Shyam a few weeks to get used to working in his new office.

If an oversight is the reason why you have not paid, please send us the amount due, and let us solve the problem immediately.


We must ask ourselves this question.

Emily is doing her homework.

I put great value on your knowledge about it.

I'm sorry for what I've done.

And now a word from our sponsor.


Subra screwed in the light bulb.

We like it very much!

Lar and Ramneek won't be back for a day or two.

I speak many languages.

Patty chose to ignore what Slartibartfast said.

Who's on watch?

We don't use it.

The President desires peace.

I need to see a doctor immediately.

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I'm not fooling anybody.

There's nowhere you can hide.

I've always hated him.

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I doubt that Jeffrey is busy.

I've really got work to do.

I'm a wreck.

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During the war, he served in the army.

Your tie blends well with your suit.

It'll be here within three hours.

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In my opinion, you're wrong.

The wicked witch cast a spell on the man and turned him into a bug.

Look at that big dog.


The fall from the horse resulted in a broken leg.

I don't blame Stephe for doing that.

It seemed like such a simple idea.

I have a chill.

This is why Yoshio has caught a cold.

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He does everything at the last moment.


What's going to happen to us?

Jwahar is playing ping-pong with his friends.

Kamel's blood type is O+.

Sergio had a look of determination on his face.

I've got a feeling that nobody cares about their accent as much as the Russians.


You got lucky.

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Bring your sister next time.

Now listen really carefully.

Lindsey didn't have a chance to do anything.

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I've been thinking a lot about Wilmer.

You don't have to lie.

Sadly, almost all climate models show that meaningful recovery of corals along the Great Barrier Reef may be very difficult, if it is even possible at all.

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It's no problem.

I consider it my duty to help my parents.

He said the truth.

It will not be long before our food runs out.

Van interrupted Maarten.

Torsten drinks a lot.

Washing dishes is something I don't really enjoy doing.

This medicine will take the pain away.

Kayvan's phone was confiscated by the teacher.

The dog wants to go outside.

Clark goes to school.

Why do you never clean up after yourself?

I have hemorrhoids.


She bound her hair with a ribbon.

Keep her out of here.

Are you telling me that you don't want the job?

We need to have a talk, Janice.

Doing that would be stupid.

That would be unethical.

We don't speak the same language.

Bring your computer.

"Say, shall we try a questionnaire with the boarding students?" "Ah! One of those things they call 'marketing research'."


We discussed a number of options.


Starbuck came here to help.

Pilots communicate with airport services by radio.

Who'll get there the quickest?


He says that he saw nothing. However, I don't believe what he says is the truth.

I'm really sorry, but I seem to have misplaced your scarf.

I didn't know that you knew Andy.

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The cat eats.


Nobody has the right to control us.


He cut the umbilical cord using a pair of scissors.

Indeed, sir! Who is the first?

I am afraid that it will rain.

This is a safe place.

Why did you say that to them?


Underline all the verbs in the future tense in this text.


Why did you tell this joke?

John's sculpture is horrible!

"Whose notebooks are these?" "They are Karim's."

The injured were removed from the scene.

The more danger, the more honor.

Better her than me.

The chances are that he'll be beaten.


Many parents think there's too much violence on television.

My laptop has a built-in card reader.

It's not right for you to do something bad just because someone else has done something bad.

I hate being ill.

You can trust us.


How could Her Majesty be wrong..?

There is not enough gruel.

The moon doesn't have an atmosphere.

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We didn't see this movie.

What's standing between us and that happening?

Please read from the highlighted text.


Shamim fanned himself with his notebook.

Hunting accidents happen more often than most people realize.

She passed the test by the skin of her teeth.

It's so depressing.

She came even though the weather was bad.

Hubert drank coffee while Samir smoked a cigarette.

Does Woody have many friends?


I haven't seen you in like a year.

Who was that on the phone?

I'm lonely without you.

Where can I rent a surfboard?

I think Ian may be mentally ill.

Is there any chance that Merton won't get here on time?

The zipper won't open.


Can we eat this?


Slartibartfast's parents won't let him go out with Bobbie on school nights.


I guess I'm not all that busy.

I wrote a letter to my mother last night.

Nils was here less than an hour ago.


You should be good at that.

I want to hear you play the piano.

We study according to the schedule.


Roy agreed to stay in Boston.


Johnnie is calling Graeme names.

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Hello. Is this the Gotos' residence?

We're going to replace them.

I'm sure you'll be sorry if you give it up halfway through.

What's wrong with her? Why does she do that?

The prison is heavily guarded.

Let's talk soon.

She couldn't find the words to express herself.

Keep a cool head.

I had to get it removed.

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Darren seems so lonely.

We'll contact you as soon as we know.

What he told us the other day simply doesn't make sense, does it?

Telling the truth is much easier than lying.

Masanobu banged his knees on the glass coffee table.

In many places, nature is threatened by human activity.

Antonio is one of the guys on my basketball team.


The main islands of Japan are Hokkaido, Shikoku, Honshu and Kyushu.

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These boys are wild.

The tree is able to grow.

I have grown out of the habit of reading comics.


Bertrand cried.

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Girls say that all the time.