Is it true that you borrowed a million dollars from the bank?

I don't know anything for sure.

Margot followed Pia up the stairs.

The Latin verb has six infinitives.

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How much does the shirt cost?

The old man sat in the chair with his eyes closed.

Sorry to disturb you.

Douglas says he doesn't know what to do next.

Why don't you wait until Hienz gets here?

The Clinton camp became desperate to eliminate the white votes Obama had got in both states.

You must trust me.

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I don't want Cristopher to find me again.

Alberto doesn't understand Betty.

Get back here and fight.

Kristi is strict but fair.

Dorian wanted to lose five pounds before summer vacation.


He had to inquire into the record of the event.


Skef is like a son to me.


Cows are grazing in the meadow.

Speaking French is difficult.

Do you know a good dentist?

Nadeem's achievements speak for themselves.

Everett is an evangelist.


And she misses them very much.

Shean drives a black pick-up truck.

I told him to wait over there.

No one could see us.

Ricky can't wait to get out of prison.

The teacher allowed me to leave school early.

Everything was going perfectly.


I think Betty is eligible for a fine young man.

It will be some time before the economy will move out of the current doldrums.

The desk is too small for Meg.

I can tell you don't enjoy it here.

How do you think these poems are?

The engine stopped while it was idling.

What was it you asked her?

If I miss the train, I'll get on the bus.

I like neither apples nor grapes.

Obviously that isn't true.

I am happy to hear the news.

Refrain yourself from making other commentaries.

Her suggestion seems to have been turned down.

Seth is a potential witness.

I outsmarted him.

Are you really going to get your license revoked?

They tried to discourage him from going.

That's why I didn't want to go out with Andrea.

Moses came down from the mountain bearing divine commandments.

I gave him my phone number.

My grandfather tells us about old things.

I went to the lawyer for legal help.

Space was just telling me about your new house.


You can't compete with Elvis.


I found the broken camera.

Marilyn knew he was crossing the line, but he couldn't help himself.

I thought you said Douglas would be asleep.

I played it by the book.

He loves that gravy.

Are you being paid for doing this?

Won't you tell me?

That's another thing.

You know too much.

He swept her off her feet.

Janos has lost his umbrella.

Calvin went back outside.

He has a good knowledge of Russian grammar.


Kristin slaves all day at the factory.

I'll monitor your progress from my computer.

Tell them to come here.


Shel laid the baby down on a blanket.

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Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?

I was taken in by his gentle manner.

It's a pity that I don't understand French better.

I telephoned my friend to congratulate him.

That old man must be off his rock.

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She doesn't want me to speak about this matter.

Bret looked for his first-aid kit, but couldn't find it.

An eagle's wings are more than one meter across.

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Would you like to go to the lake with us?

I'm proud of you all.

He tried to memorize the conversation.

I like the one with a white belt.

Romain didn't say anything, but she disapproved with her eyebrows.

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I love that tattoo.

I gave her a tiny musical box.

Yesterday I nearly ran into Robert in Ginza.

So are you going to help me or not?

They regaled me on a Chinese banquet.

We found it difficult to enter the disco.

Her diligence is a good example to us all.

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Don't jump to conclusions.

I feel excited.

She is obviously offended.


I didn't let Ann know that I was coming.

They lit the candles.

This election is important for the future of this country.

I'm angry because of their impolite attitude.

Dan hung himself in the locker room.

We're all angry.

Patty beat Milo up.

And that's a welcoming sentence, so to speak.

He told me that he would leave before long.


Don't forget to talk with him tomorrow.


Kimberly hardly has any time left.

Stay out of the kitchen.

His father is a bank employee.


The shop sells a variety of goods.

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In such countries as Norway and Finland, they have lots of snow in winter.

Kayvan doesn't have anywhere to go.

It was Julian who told me you were sick.

Are you sleepy yet?

A thousand years makes up a millenium.

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He's a little like his father.

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Herman took a closer look at it.

It will cost 500 dollars to fly to Paris.

Helge invited Nhan to the party, didn't he?

Steen went to Boston a year ago.

I'll pick you up at your home.


We're firing you.

They drink too much.

Have you ever tried this dessert?

The gangsters let him in on their plan to knock off a rival gang leader.

I made a good profit by selling my car.

Why didn't you just call?

Brandy is mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

You haven't lived in Boston as long as I have.

Lucius was out yesterday.

Be careful. The knife is very sharp.

She quickly devised a plan to skip school and go to the party.

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You were asleep at your post.

Why didn't you believe me?

Shai has a rare disease.

I'll go downstairs.

Klaudia stayed up until dawn.

Is Dale happy about this?

If something's happened to him, I'd like to know.

I'm going to Paris next Saturday.

Combustion liberates heat.


He passed on yesterday.

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Coherence is dead.

Can I speak to you a moment?

I heard a baby's voice.

The home is the woman's world, the world is the man's home.

Peeling an orange can be tricky at times, you never know if it will squirt you in the face.

He that will lie, will steal.

I hope I see it again.

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It has to be me.

I tried to talk to Julius, but he ignored me.

He told his brother the story.

What were you doing in my room?

Don't be hurt.

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Linda was Dan's girlfriend at that time.

The whole school turned out to welcome Izzy back.

Like is treated by like.


What was Diana called?

Usually, Greek tragedies don't end well.

Many men here drink away their wages.

Where's the butter?

That feels so good.

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I have some doubts about it.

Is it possible that we could've been followed?

I was unable to stand any longer.

We had a nice weekend.

She graduated in 1996.

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She gave me her hand.

It can be done in a day.

This is a problem.