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The art of losing isn't hard to master.


Don't play games with me.

I didn't mean to interrupt your conversation.

In the end, with effort everything will be good.

He's run off ten pounds.

Don't scream.

God then wanted to test Abraham's obedience, and called out his name.

I'm really shocked.

Sunday follows Saturday.

Your parents haven't seen you for a long time.

Ray should tell Moore the truth.

His reply was in effect a refusal.

How are you coming along with your French lessons?

Sixty-five countries boycotted the 1980 summer Olympics.


Celia didn't give Raanan any choice.

Most migratory birds don't get why, once they've flown south, they don't just stay there.

We failed to bring him to agree to our plan.

When Carl was midway through a sentence, the phone went dead.

He dedicated his life to medical work.

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I'll be waiting for you at the station tomorrow morning.

What were you doing down there?

We can make it work.


I don't suppose you know anything about Geoff, do you?


Why bother fixing it?

That shouldn't be possible.

My brother has an ear for music.

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Why do you want to know that?

The boy was clever enough to solve the puzzle.

After all, you're right.

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We'll teach you how to read.

The risk of confusion is too high, I surely cannot be the only one who does not get this.

He is capable of stealing.

I have no more than three thousand yen.

He seemed to know what he was doing.

Have you caught that Unicorn yet?

I love summer rain.

He keeps a cat.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.


The sales of the company's No. 1 product fell by 4.5% last year.

Christina came over yesterday with one of his friends.

I have several things I'd like to talk to you about.

Where is the Indian embassy?

On a separate sheet of paper, describe your best friend: age, where he or she lives, his or her job, etc.


The highest entropy state is the most likely state of the system.

Where's Dublin?

He said that he bought an old car.

Where is Julie now?

We're ready to play.

I have an aunt and uncle in Boston.

It is wrong for a man to conceal things from his wife.

She showed no interest in the photos.

Hillary hasn't seen Pierce since 2013.

Patrice wants to learn to speak fluent German.

You know I hate that.


The father is in good health.

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I need some wholemeal bread.

Don't ever give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping.

Presley is my relative.

We're still talking about it.

It is contrary to the morals.

Marguerite never told me what to do.

Hail, Caesar, those who are about to die salute you.


I'll think about it.

Her biggest interest is strength training.

I may need a few days off next week.

Come and tell me all about yourself.

You're not very funny.


I've never had to fire anyone before.

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Seymour didn't mean to hurt Panos.

The longer you live, the older you get.

The curtains are closed.

Of the three girls, Emi was the one who danced most beautifully.

Your success excites my envy.

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This seems too good to be true.

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Brandi and Theodore will co-host the show.


I knew something like this would happen.

Pets are permitted.

Horses need to eat.


Joe's nuts about the girl.

You shouldn't yell.

He says he has already overcome his failures.

Let Natraj carry it.

If one is suffering from sleep deprivation, one's attention can slip.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery.

I have no hair on my head.

I don't have money to buy a new bicycle.

How about walking to the top of the mountain?

Twenty six soldiers were executed for desertion.

I love you more than him.


I thought you'd gone to Boston.

What did you do with my glasses? They were here a minute ago.

Are you getting along with your neighbors?

How could we handle this problem?

The girls run and play.

I'm sure he can give you a good game of tennis.

It is as good or bad as the man using it.


She spent more money than usual.

I don't like being around sick people.

We weren't fighting.

It seems I'm the only one here who knows how to speak French.

"Oh? Where's Keiko?" "She said that she has a teacher, parent and child meeting so she'll be late."

Activists are stepping up their protest drive.

Joseph can still play the piano even though he doesn't own one now.

Real decided that it would be fun to try paragliding.

He escaped from prison.

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Marcos looks dubious.

Stay in your room.

Maarten was the best man at my wedding.


Have you seen Hirotoshi's passport?

I'm only here to help them.

I wrote the book.

Does it interest you to meet and discuss a possible collaboration?

My friend should be home now.


Huashi washed all the towels.


If a person is dishonest,she is dishonest to the end.

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He works on Sundays.

It's not that easy to learn a new language after fifty.

Let's wait till we hear from Laurie.

I half expected Edith to start dancing.

Let's not use our real names.

In reverse order tonight.

They broke away the bars.


I am completely exhausted.

"Are you sure he's not up to something?" "Look, I appreciate your concern, I do, but we don't have enough reason to worry about this now."

Julie didn't know Donna spoke French so fluently.


The doctors didn't expect my sister to recover as well as she did.


Don't you think elementary schoolers are taller these days?

What time does your father leave for his office?

Judy is fond of dancing.

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Art is long, life is short.

Donne got on a horse and followed Jacob.

The north wind is cool.

So what happens then?

This has my approval.

Today's weather forecast proved right.

Elliptical galaxies contain older stars and very little gas and dust. They vary in their shape from round to flattened, elongated spheres.

Unfortunately, it's raining today.

What's it going to take to persuade you?

We've never given a concert in Boston.

I'm at the airport right now.


Please sign these.

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Why are you making me suffer this much?


I am sickened at the thought of blood.

Before graduation, I went to visit my teacher to express my gratitude for everything he'd done for me.

You should talk to Vincent now.

The electorate will decide who becomes the next president.

When the money ran out, the construction work was suspended.

We became friends.

Were they in the library yesterday?

I thought Tyler would leave the book with Merril.

Stuart has more questions.

Her dog isn't very fast.

Vicki and Mick are nice.


I'd love to learn how to fly a helicopter.

Hector is terrified of spiders.

Does the snake not bite when we step on it?

I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What did you ever see in her?

Here's the letter from them.

Why did you kiss me?

Don't give up on your dream.

I've been working on this for three years.

I could hardly keep from laughing.

Someone came.


Last night I had a weird dream.