Just let me talk to Ned.

I told you we'd make a good team.

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Were you fat when you were in high school?

His family adored him; in a sense he was spoiled by them.

Kayvan couldn't shake the feeling that he'd met Cathy somewhere before.

I'm going to stay there for about a week.

Do you like ice cream? Would you like an ice cream?

I must have gained some weight. My jeans' button is really tight.

Where did you find this?

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I don't know where you work.


They're dead.

We're about to have a meeting.

Before the second world war, the border between Finland and the USSR was near Leningrad.


I've always written home every week and I still do.

He is said to have won the speech contest last month.

No, not me, but you!

What precisely are you doing?

I know you can hear me.

He will get an average mark at worst.

I'm not as lucky as you.

You don't know when Earle will come, do you?

Cynthia burst into tears and ran upstairs.

The child sits in the back of the car while the parents sit in front.

Put the words in alphabetical order.

You asked me for help.

I told Jeanette that I'd do it.

Seen from a distance, the hill looks like an elephant.

Don't look so grim.


I don't mind getting up at six.


My new phone is thinner than my old phone.

It was a lie, of course.

We had one chance.


Didn't anybody notice?

Evan outsmarted me.

We've been going out three months.

You should not judge a man by his appearance.

That shouldn't take very long.

I'll help Raghu do that after supper.

Spike is right this time.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I'm not sure how much they are expecting me to donate.

He has been to England twice.

Kemal doesn't know why Amedeo isn't here.

The steam shovels dug down three stories on one side and four stories on the other side.

If you should do that, you would come in for severe criticism.

When I woke up in the morning, there was no one in the house. I was abandoned for the whole day.


She looked troubled by the news.

That's not where I was last night.

Read it again.

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First of all, you misunderstood me.

That isn't safe.

Melinda put a cup of coffee down in front of Gigi.


We just moved in.

How many parking places are there in this garage?

You want to learn Russian? But that's even more vulgar than French!

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Prejudice will continue to exist.

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She is getting up a new play.

Ethan said Graham didn't like him.

We have to go back in.

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Where is the nearest bus stop?

I was paraphrasing.

What would I wear?

Little by little the sky cleared. The sun came out in full splendor and the sea became as calm as a lake.

I don't think there's anything to worry about.

I'm thinking of the plan.

The village had more than a thousand residents.

"'Yuki', so you do put your own name in." "Yup, isn't that roleplaying's essence?"

There's something on the hood of your car.

They hate him because he gives them a mountain of homework.

Today is our last day of school.

Master's degrees in Britain are not very common.

Rabin is one of Dion's close friends.

Let Beth do her job.

Deposit your money in the bank.

I wanted to rescue you.

They described the girl as being small.

Glynn certainly made no attempt to help us.

Why don't you just speak directly to Hazel?


What is the good of reading such books?


He reached his hand out, and tried to pick the fruit, but couldn't.

This factory can turn out 200 cars a day.

We know she lives in the city.

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The Millennium Development Goals were supposed to be achieved by 2015.

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You have your whole life ahead of you.

Daryl had a rough childhood.

It's been a while since we last met.

I wanna go!

I can't translate this sentence.

Teresa is wearing a wig.

Do you think your parents spent enough time with you when you were in your teens?

I have trouble working with Donovan.

This ant is the queen; don't you see she has wings?

It's a fiddle going to and fro between the keyboard and mouse so are there shortcuts to allow operation using only the keyboard?

I completed the whole high school curriculum.

My sister married Mr Sato, whose father is my mother's friend.

Juri doesn't understand you.

Tracey had nothing to add.

Power is the great aphrodisiac.


Brenda took off his jacket.

If you want me to help, just ask.

It's green.

In the first place, we have to decide on the name.

Santa is no hero.

What did you say to the boys?

I planned a party for you.

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Older people still remember the Kennedy assassination.

Dan graduated second in his class.

Who doesn't love a rebel?

We're in big trouble.

How do you feel about them now?

Let me get you another drink.

I thought the Jacksons were having a party.


If you're busy now, I can come back later.

He has an unusual ability in English.

Rolfe wasn't scared of Raja, but Mat was scared of him.

Here's a big map of Germany.

I often buy clothes at Clara & Micah's.

I'm inflexible.

I've gotta go to the bathroom.

He sometimes visits me.

Can't you just accept that?

I'm a bit old-fashioned.

Mike said a few words as a suggestion.

Dan was living well beyond his means.

A rainbow has seven colors.

Rainer is buying a new house.

Give me yours. You don't need it anymore.


The clock is striking four.


It's not going anywhere.


I admit that I've already forgotten what I wanted to say.


Is there any chance this is a mistake?

Vinod was teased because he looked different from the other children.

She fooled her parents.

You could do that by phone.

We didn't argue about it.

Do you want to come?

Science can be used for good or evil purposes.


This is the pen which the famous novelist wrote with.

The councilor tabled a number of controversial motions.

"Are you talking to me?" "Are you talking to me?" "I'm the only person here."

I'm sure I've seen him before somewhere.

I thought you would come.

They've been very nice to me.

It's up to the engineers to make sure that this tunnel doesn't collapse.


Samuel and Stagger spent the afternoon baking pumpkin pies.


The mayor governed the city very wisely.

Bernard was in no particular hurry to get back home.

We have more than a hundred books at home.


It cost him five pounds to buy it back.

The program was programmed by programmers.

How soon can I meet her?

No one knows what will happen in the future.

Africanized bee colonization caused a panic in America in the 90s.

How long have you been standing here?

What happened out here?

I don't like any of the songs that you sing.

I wonder why Charley was murdered.

They despise him.

Kit, I want to go to sleep.


Jennie had no chance to tell Marci what he thought.


You need to spend time with Norman.

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I loved freedom all my life.

You'd feel the same way.

Next time I'll come earlier.

Let's simply look at this example.

Are you in a hurry?

I see Lynnette every time he comes to Boston.

The primary object of an efficient police is the prevention of crime: the next that of detection and punishment of offenders if crime is committed. To these ends all the efforts of police must be directed. The protection of life and property, the preservation of public tranquillity, and the absence of crime, will alone prove whether those efforts have been successful and whether the objects for which the police were appointed have been attained.