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Wave is designed to connect visitors and salespeople. We know that some visitors decline the assistance of a salesperson - on busy days, some are simply missed.

Create memorable guided experiences for all visitors, give salespeople a convenient, mobile resource for product specifications and offer a friendly way to initiate follow-up.


Rich photo and video highlights call attention to the products and features you want your visitors to experience.

Wave gives salespeople instant access to comprehensive specifications and documentation to answer detailed product questions on the spot.


Wave makes it easy for visitors to add their favorite products and features from your showroom to a personal Wish List for viewing later or sharing with a partner.

Salespeople can also add items to Guest Wish Lists during guided tours. This offers a natural opportunity for follow-up in the form of a friendly email with the Guest’s Wish List and the salesperson's contact information.




Per display, 1-5 displays



Per display, 6-12 displays



Per display, 13-25 displays

Setup & Content Production starts around $300. Have more than 25 displays? Contact us for custom pricing.

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Wave was created by a group of partners from the Legacy family of companies.

For over 30 years we've served homeowners and builders with design and cabinetry for new homes and renovations in Canada and the United States.

We created Wave for our own showrooms and are excited to share it with other businesses like ours who are trying to create memorable customer experiences.







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