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Our Work is Getting People Back To Work

You aren’t dealing with claim files or case numbers, you are dealing with people. People who deserve to be treated with respect and understanding. People who need help getting back to where they need to be.

Multiple Problems. A Single Solution

When someone is injured in the workplace, you want to get help them back on their feet — and back on the job — as soon as possible. But there are a lot of things that can keep that from happening.

Every workers compensation claim comes with its own unique set of challenges. An injury can prevent a worker from getting the medical attention that they need. A language barrier can prevent them from knowing or understanding critical details
about diagnosis, follow up, and even prescription dosage. There may be a need for nursing, assistance in the home, or for special medical equipment like wheelchairs or hospital beds. Trying to arrange for all of these services from multiple outlets can be frustrating. And it can be downright infuriating when those outlets do not get you what you need with the speed and efficiency you require. Delays cost time and money.

That is why we treat every case as if it is our only case. We are case managers for case managers – the one place you can call to get everything that your claimant needs.

  • Early this week, we had a Claimant transported to the ER by ambulance and later admitted to the hospital. At 6 PM on Tuesday, our Nurse Case Manager got a last minute call from the discharge nurse at the hospital, indicating that they were ready to release the injured worker and that she needed transportation to get home. Our Nurse contacted your office and on very short notice (and after hours to boot) they were able to arrange a 7 PM pick up to transport our Claimant home from the hospital. This is the type of request that we hope we do not have to make very often and we want to be sure to send our appreciation and thanks to your team for going above and beyond, and for always being so proactive. Please pass along our appreciation and best wishes to those who helped us in this instance and who are there for us every day.