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Group Therapy Associates is a different kind of therapy practice.

It’s a warm, calming environment where you can sit back, relax and share what’s on your mind.

It’s a place where people believe that taking care of your emotional well-being is as important to a healthy lifestyle as going to the gym or eating a healthy diet.

Our clients are just like you, looking for support as they face life’s challenges.  The situations that bring them to our office range from major crises to just needing a place to talk things out.

But no matter the issue, our compassionate therapists understand that emotional health and supportive relationships are an important part of living a more fulfilling life.  And they have the expertise and tools to help you get there.

When you meet with us, you’ll quickly realize why we say “everyone could use a little therapy.” It’s because we know that therapy is so much more than just laying down on a couch talking about your feelings once a week.

At GTA, therapy is an individualized, creative process that’s dedicated to helping you learn more about yourself, build and maintain authentic relationships, and live the life that you have always wanted.

are you ready to make therapy part of your healthy lifestyle?

stive. Together we will begin the therapy process and find the solutions you are looking for.


Did you know that GTA offers more than just therapy?

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Still wondering if this is for you? We are committed to bringing you fresh, modern approaches to personal growth and emotional health through a variety of services.

Come look through our Therapy & Mental Health services or 209-315-4174 to see what might fit into your life right now.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional therapy or just want to explore all the options, check out our Classes and our Coaching & Lifestyle Design.

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Check out our Spring & Summer Classes

850-350-9196 ~ Are you a busy mom or a stressed out professional woman trying to find the balance in life? Our Reclaim Your Joy class  will focus on helping you to rediscover your passion for life and provide tips you can implement immediately to manage your many roles.

Visit A-b-c methodor call 703-644-8041 to register for our May 20 class.


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Can We Talk Teens Class~ The first of many new classes focused on adolescents & parents, this class will give parents new insights about adolescent development and strategies to improve communication with teens at home.

Visit CanWeTalkTeens.eventbrite.com or call our office at 703-644-8041 to register for our June 24 class.