Would you join me in a drink?

As usual the peasants are busy scattering grain seeds.

Some Japanese are shy even to the point of appearing rude.

Suyog got a decent grade on the test he took last week.

Things got weird.

I want to make a complaint.

Shirley will be missed.

Improving corporate performances are behind the stock market recovery.


You should apologize to me.


Nguyen thought it might be a trap.

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The prices are variable, so shop around.

Red Mulligan has announced that he'll fight Rocky Luciano next month.

Where was your daughter?

Did you think about our offer?

I am a boy.

I need the work.

This grocery store only sells organic food.


He's very fastidious when it comes to booking trips.

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I'll pick you up later.

People often say to my mother: "Please don't drink too much."

You really are in trouble, aren't you?

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When are you going to call me?

Our soccer team beat all the other teams in the town.

I hope you have enjoyed your trip.

These boys are wild.

Nora said he was sick, but that was a lie.

They were very poor.

Why not just say no to her?

Barrett wore a long-sleeved shirt.

Scott told me he never said that.


Donna is not afraid to ruffle some feathers.

I heard that Piercarlo is going to eat dinner with us this evening.

She ran up to me, her hair flying in the wind.

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I'm a little shaky.

The police treated Michelle like a common criminal.

I want to talk to you about this list.

I bought Huashi a hot dog.

Violence is the cancer of our society.

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He thought himself to be somebody.

I knew we should've tried to help Bradley.

All teachings were translated beautifully by Rebecca into English as hardly anyone could understand any Esperanto.


Maybe we can make it on time.


I bought a smartphone for my wife.

I wasn't in the office then, so I don't know what happened.

It shouldn't be permitted to store samples of DNA.


The police have given up looking for the missing child.

If you ask me, I don't agree with that.

Isn't he a bit young?

I've been to Hokkaido before.

What do you think about it?

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Why don't you just go back and talk to Catherine?

Not the people, but the economy must be well!

I never loved you.


Smoking in the restaurant was forbidden.

Atua is the god for many in Oceania.

You've got a problem.

You'd have fun.

It could be just a coincidence.

During prohibition days, racketeers used to rub each other out to get control of the rum-running racket.

You're going to be exhausted.

You're not a boy.

Not everybody can be an artist.


The road dipped into a valley, then swept up over a hill.

I didn't sleep well last night.

I told him not to come back.

You can see symbols of freemasonry on the one dollar bill.

Even though she rushed, the elderly woman missed the last train.

Ginny avoided places where people smoked.

Jeanne will find them.

Look at this stuff.

Their assignments were handed in on September 1st.

Why do I have to be the one who makes this decision?

I remember the horror I felt when she screamed.

The time will come when she will repent of it.

We can handle it.


I'd like to meet you either on the morning of April 5 or on the afternoon of April 6.


I had to show her something.

Her coat was too casual for the occasion.

I'm not going to complain.

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Sometimes a sentence is worth more than a word, and sometimes a word is worth more than a sentence.

I've always tried to do the right thing.

They weren't doing anything wrong.

I don't doubt that one bit.

You'll have to wear warm clothes, otherwise you'll catch a cold.

In two days, I'll turn 13.

It's not possible.

I carried on my work.

The old man had an innocent face, but in truth was a rogue.

Why did Gogol burn the second part of "Dead Souls"?

Your behavior was disgraceful.

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Don't hesitate to ask for advice.

I've got a better one.

Krzysztof got married at 26.


What led to the fall of the Roman Empire?

Dan shot and killed himself in this room.

He always finds fault with me!

What belongs to you is in danger when your neighbour's house is on fire.

I like to watch TV to see the movies and soccer games.

He looked back at the pretty girl.

Now is not the time for half measures: it's all or nothing!

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When's Deborah getting here?

I was ignorant that he was present.

What are you grinning at?

The show is on Friday.

Catherine has been robbed.

Ross is doing everything he can to stop us.

Two crows are flying in the sky.

You never asked what I wanted.

I will help you all I can.

I'd like to talk to the coordinator of this project.

His jokes are meaningless.

I'm the one who has the key to the truck.

I don't think you should quit your job.


I want to protect him.

He thinks he knows everything but, as a matter of face, he is very ignorant.

Choose a food from each part of the menu.

It was predictable that this would happen.

He handed in his resignation to his boss.

I'm sure Nicholas will manage it somehow.

I bought a new computer last month.


Gill doesn't want to work in a factory.

Bobbie took off his clothes and got into the bathtub.

Could you lend me a few mechanical pencil leads?

Celia isn't likely to succeed.

Let's meet Edgar Degas and look at his pictures with him.

I'm the one that pays all the bills.

Where have you been lately?

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I don't know who I'm going to choose.


How should people prepare before visiting another country?

Now where did I put the key?

Rudolf is responsible, isn't he?


You made your point.

That would be a waste of their talents.

Life is but an empty dream.

You should discuss this with Polly.

I'm a human.

She kept crying all night.

We need to do the same.

I just don't want anyone to be mad at me.

Jinny never cried, no matter how badly he was beaten.

May I request a favour of you?

There has to be something here.

You may not like it.

There's so much I want to say to all of you.


Embarrassment is an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself, experienced upon having a socially unacceptable act or condition.

Hey, Mimi! How's it going?

I respect him more than I did myself.

What do you think of Japanese?

Ask for me and you will be admitted.

It's been one of those days.

He doesn't want to say how much the gift cost.

He was wet to the skin from the rain.

Roberta opened the door to the conference room.

"Do you known where Huey is?" "I'm Theo!" replied Gerald.

Brender was able to live a more or less normal life after the operation.


I'm sorry I had to do that.


Olivier is asking how that's possible.

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I was going to call him today.

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It took too long.

It had nothing to do with this.

Please don't hesitate to call.

Deirdre is trying to get Gregg to go home.

She feels hurt.

Every person makes mistakes. Try to learn from them.

Carter was wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Julian moaned with pain.

I've sent Susanne home.

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I said come alone.