She has a dirty face.

What became of these amounts?

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Wade should've done this yesterday.

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You have a sense of humor. I like that.

He deserved it.

Shut the hell up!


Anyone would have done the same thing.


I'll need to think about it. I'll try to come up with another way to word it.


We're all looking forward to it.

Could I use your pencil?

Can you stay long?

Who do you think I should ask?

I need another chance.

American-British relations showed improvement.

This information checks out all right.


Hirofumi made a bookcase.

He used saliva as lubricant.

The cat was sitting on the window and the dog was barking outside.

He sees the office.

Both his parents are dead.

Can I tell Charleen what the answer is?

I'm aware that there's only a slim chance that you'll want to see me.


Cindy's house is haunted.

One hour of thoughtlessness can cause years of tears.

Terrace farming is widely practiced in the mountainous regions of China.

I managed to get permission from my parents for my wedding.

I've lost my wallet. I'm pissed!

There's still no sign of him.

Are you celebrating Christmas?

He often makes people angry.

I don't want to be treated special.


Sit near here.

Stevan will be arriving tomorrow at 2:30 in the afternoon.

I came for him.

Who she is I have no idea.

He turned the key.


My radio has broken down again.

I must finish it before I go out.

Heather stopped the car.

Pim told Pratt she was seeing other guys.

Willie looks like a clever boy.

No matter how rich, one should not live an idle life.

Leads denied any guilt.

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It's a big company.


Let that be a warning.

She was barred from the club.

I can not make out at all what you say.

It was just sitting there and nobody was looking, so I took it.

I want to learn.

Max used to help his father in the store after school.

I owe him money.

Doctor Burns, what should doctors do when a patient's brain is badly damaged?

There was a sudden change in her tone.


Which newspapers did you read in Germany?

We'll never get past those sentries.

Sam, don't!

I want to speak in German with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How long do you estimate that it will take?

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I'm not going to give up on Murat.

I'm not taking advantage of your orchard.

It will be spring soon.


Petr, Winnie, John and Alice are friends. They've known each other since they were children.


I trust my friends.

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Can you help us out?

I am driving the van into the yard.

What were we talking about, again?

I'm fed up with the way William's been acting.

His explanation proved to be right after all.

They remember you.

I cannot pull Taninna's hair. She's much taller than me.

Did you apologize to her?

He went by her yesterday.

What's your opinion of Japanese food?

Please send us more details.

You should've thought of that before.

How long do you think you can control Al?

That's what happened to them.

A teacher should never laugh about a pupil who has made a mistake.

He's a writer, too.

Society could not care less.

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That was absolutely awesome!

It's no use trying to fix it now.

That's all I need to say.

Can you help me install this software?

Kanthan was disgusted.

I wanted to wash my hair this morning, but we've run out of shampoo.

There's something about this bookstore that just makes people want to come back again.

I will send your teacher a note to excuse your absence.

Should it rain now.


Depending on which you think of as the main point, either is OK.


Her father dedicated his life to science.

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At the seminar, they threw us all together into groups and made us talk together.

Claude isn't the one keeping me awake.

You've never been to Boston, have you?


Pamela sounded slightly panicked.

There's something I didn't tell you, Elizabeth.

I don't know where it is.

I asked Lukas where he got that.

How characteristically quirky of him to give you both a dozen roses and a dozen camellias, and have them fight to the death!

He is much smarter than I am.

Jim boasts of having passed the exam.


I still think this is a mistake.

No matter how busy you are, I think you should at least read a newspaper.

I don't know the exact length of this bridge.

"Erwin and Srinivasan have broken up." "That's ancient history."

I don't know much about Kari's personal life.

Are you sure I can't get you anything?

It's fun to play, too.

I can't think of anything that might help.

You can tell Daren really wants it.

This isn't blood. It's just red paint.

It was a fun game to watch.


How did you get into my house?


I could do that now if you want me to.

I've been dying to see her.

Operations are already underway.


He is a handsome man.

You didn't eat this morning. Of course you're hungry.

What horrible events took place? Where are you parents? What happened to your husband?


There are many problems for them to deal with.

Let's see if Rogue has any ideas.

Children learn language without being taught.


The main selling point of Esperanto is that it puts everybody on an equal playing field.

To make a long story short, we buried the hatchet.

She has constructive ideas.

Are you sure you don't want something to eat?

I'm a fan of Uruguay's president.


I think you should swim.

Come on, I'll give you a ride home.

I don't know how it works.

You should know something.

How are you these days?


I did find something.

Why can't we all get along?

Dan didn't know anything about Linda's past.


They agreed to meet again the next morning.

They did nothing.

She derives her character from her mother.

She's following a get-fit programme.

He did not accept their invitation.

I thought Sugih was really good.

Health and intellect are the two blessings of life.


Kay is embarrassed by his son's behavior.

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Stop by at the grocery store and get these things for me.

Keep your chin up.

You had far better stay here.


I will never tell anybody.

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The people did not reach consensus on taxation.

Your proposal is timely.

She stole my candy.


When did you know that your house was haunted?

Let's leave as soon as Erwin arrives.

They sent me three turkeys.

What drew you to this kind of work?

I should not advise you to go there alone.


What do I expect from life?

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Just thinking about Spanish makes me feel warmer and takes my mind off the freezing cold I'm experiencing right now.

Blair waited a while.

Don't worry. John will be fine.

I thought it was very good.

I took the book from you.

The lamp hung from the ceiling.

Tommy, would you please give these starving people something to eat?