Birds came flying by twos and threes.

I am right for once.

He was delighted to see you.

I'll boil the beans for you.

May I look at your passport?

May I leave now?

Huashi was looking for the treasure, but didn't find it.

You have a very strange way of thinking.

The earrings are very pretty.

We came through a busy street.

Denis has finished unpacking his suitcase.

You tried to carry out the plan but you didn't succeed.

I tried to call you from Boston.

After reflecting on my life up to now, I decided that I needed to change my goals.


Who do you think it is?

She may not wait any longer.

My birthday's not for another month.


This rule applies to any case.

My wrath shall far exceed the love I ever bore.

Merril sounded slightly panicked.


You'd better check this out.

Panos is very good-natured.

Do not try to attract attention with these types of speeches.

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How is it put together?

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Man is bound to die.

I'm ready, man. Bring it!

I love her so much I would die for her.

Tottie is a prophetic figure.

Lum attempted to make amends with Laura.

We've both made sacrifices.

I can't remember the last time I saw Ramiro.

I was on my way to see her.

I'm a witness.

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Win doesn't know where to start.


I could not but feel disappointed at hearing the news.


How did you get to know Curtis?

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Salvation from this misery is inconceivable.


There were some men eating their lunches under the trees in front of the library.

Sharon has analyzed the results.

I've got to make some calls.

Franklin frequently talks in his sleep.

Look, I really need some help.

UK is the abbreviation for the United Kingdom.

It wants looking into.

I'd better call Ellen first.

Pneumonia causes difficulty in breathing.

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"You have the attention span of a chicken." "Chickens are delicious." "My point exactly."


You forgot to tell me a few things.

The article is nowhere to be had.

Wendell just doesn't get it.


The dawns are calm here...

That's very unusual.

A bus pulled up in front of the hotel.


Our meeting was quite accidental.

He performed his duty with deliberation.

Moses is socially awkward.

Such an idea is abhorrent to her.

I'm tired of hearing about Kent and Pravin.

You blockhead!

You don't have to say that you love me.

The boy battled against a serious illness.

That was the funniest line in the whole show.

I don't need help writing my report.

I thought I'd prefer going by myself.

This is really from my heart.

What impressed you most?

Tim gladly accepted.

No one likes war.


Children should obey their parents.

I didn't expect to become this sort of adult...

The moment I saw him, I knew he was angry with me.


Dimitry gave Lenny his notebook.

I'm ready to start working whenever you are.

What's your favorite opera?

You should be getting dressed.

Travelling is easy these days.

I maxed out my credit card.

Shane can't go to the concert with you tonight.

On what planet are you?

I'll never come back.

Do you think you'll be back by 2:30?

He did not believe anyone had the right to do so.

You should come out with us.

Dan didn't even lock his doors.

Can anybody come with me to a Lady Gaga concert?

I've never had those kinds of problems.


Keep the secret to yourself.

A leap year has three hundred and sixty-six days.

I'm not going to call them.

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If I don't report it, someone else will.

Last Saturday, I went with my family to the zoo to see the pandas.

You were careless to leave your umbrella on the train.

The sun glittered on the water in front of the old sailboat.

Come with me, come with us!

He's a newcomer.

I think you should take some time off.

Add the honey, lemon juice, chopped almonds and the chopped apples.

The maintenance of the house costs a lot.


Helge had to go to the emergency room by ambulance.

The bad weather marred the ceremony.

We can lift curses by a photograph.

My grandfather is planning to retire the year after next.

We were ready for them.

Heather doesn't know the difference between Rome and the Roman Empire.

They like her.

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If I had money, I'd buy a computer.

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She has no more than twelve cubs.

I'd like another beer.

My parents will be home about 2:30.

Vaughn has nothing to be scared of.

I'm good at tennis.


The legislator talked at length with his constituents about beach erosion.

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I didn't want to give Roxana any money.

We won't do it without you.

It was worth it.

Laurie is twenty years old.

I'll warn Danielle.


It is worthwhile.

You're really a hard worker.

You can tell me yourself.

A good memory is his weapon.

Never trust the mass media.

Are you happy with your new car?

I know that you and Micky snuck away from school yesterday.

I hope it is so!

The recent increase in global average temperature is so abrupt compared to the rest of the time period that when the scientists make a graph of the data, the end of the line is nearly vertical.

Liyuan sold the bracelet.

Jimmy was accustomed to his friends making fun of him.

Where is this taken from?

Vincent was puzzled by what Julius said.


This is an emergency.

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Would it be OK if I asked you something?

Denis drew a line down the middle of the page.

This is a grave matter.

The game was postponed because of the bad weather.

I used to work for them.

You don't date, do you?

She replied she had never met the man before.

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I was going 120 kilometers an hour when the police stopped me.

The rooms in this hotel are really very bad at muffling sounds. I can hear my neighbor chewing his gum!

Pleasure to meet you.


There's a body in the trunk of the car.

In comparison with yours, my car is small.

I'll stay with him.

I trusted my teacher.

What I need is a friend.

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Naresh spread some strawberry jam on a slice of bread.

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I'm fine.

Maybe Mohammad is just being modest.

There was genius in the way the girl danced.

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They seem determined to press forward with their program of reform.

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Forgetting his key, he was able to open the door by inserting a wire in the key hole.

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He had three bullet wounds in his chest.

I remember meeting Donovan in Boston.

The trip will cost anywhere between $1000 and $2000.

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That story can be true.

I really don't care what Alain thinks.

Billy can die happy now.

I was married at that time.

As is often the case with him, he sits up late at night.

Turkeer says he's trying to quit smoking.

Sorry. It's all my fault.

I figured out every word in the crossword puzzle except the last one.

Austria is a member of the European Union.

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He picked up the newspaper and glanced casually over the front page.