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Dear Members and Future Members

2014 was another successful year for the Arizona Pain Society.  We were honored to have participated in a community connect program and to continue increasing our memberships.  We were able to host and participate in several programs throughout the year and were able to reach out to others in the medical community to begin establishing mutually beneficial relationships to better accommodate our patients.  We have had several members express interest in continuing ongoing discussions (such as the community connect program) and we have had excellent feedback on potential topics/issues for 2015 that we will try and address through continued educational events. 

The main concern going forward is funding to host these programs and to continue to bring in national and internationally recognized speakers as the guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry has dramatically changed in regards to sponsoring and hosting events.  We are fortunate that they are still able to host our numerous events, but they are unable to provide compensation (honorarium, travel expenses, etc) for any speaker who is not on their speaker bureaus – which limits topics to branded presentations.  We have been able to use money from business and member dues to continue to provide speakers who are able to discuss current topics and issues in pain management thus far.  We will be applying for additional grants – including a unrestricted educational grant-  as our continued goals include providing essential and beneficial information to our members.  We would like to thank everyone who has continued to support the Arizona Pain Society and to ensure that we will continue to serve as an educational and informative hub for members, non-members and patients alike.

Our immediate goals for 2015 include increasing funds to allow for more presentations (our first event is scheduled for March), increasing members and business sponsors, and to offer our members as many benefits as possible – such as priority invites to all events. We are going to increase board seats and participation, cohost another Community Connect event titled The Business of Medicine and encourage member participation at the events.  We would also like to begin a quarterly newsletter highlighting current topics and issues that practitioners of the pain community are dealing with.  We are confident that 2015 will be another successful year for the Arizona Pain Society and its members – both new and returning. 

That being said, we would like to remind everyone that we need to collect the dues for the calendar year of 2015.  This will allow us to continue with educational programs that will benefit everyone and hopefully continue to enhance each practice.  The fees for membership have not increased for 2015. 

Physician Membership Fee                                 $100.00
Midlevel/Office Membership Fee                      $50.00
All payments can be made on the website www.arizonapainsociety.org.  The link will have you register with your information and then take you to PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to use this feature.

We still need a registration form filled out even if a check is mailed in to ensure that the member list will be current with the correct contact information.  This will guarantee that all members receive all APS correspondence and invitations.  Please put a note in the comments section that a check is being mailed.  Please send payments in by February 28th, 2015.

Krissie Zuraikat
Executive Director, Arizona Pain Society

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