Tanaka is very persistent, isn't he?

We'd like to run some tests.


Obviously we will help but please remember that what decides it in the end is your zeal.

I live on the ground floor.

It'll be difficult but not impossible.


He was very apologetic for the mistake.


She laid the work on him.


How many republics were there in the Soviet Union?

She types well.

I haven't read it yet.

Noam runs a food bank in Boston.

His behavior was anything but polite.

I haven't read it yet.

The body was found under the overpass.

She says that she wants to speak with you.

Astronauts aboard the ISS do not feel the effects of gravity as we do on Earth.


Nobody wants to play with her.


This machine is inferior to that one in durability.

Knute has finished eating.

Stefan is on his way to Boston.

In 2006, astronomers re-classified Pluto as a dwarf planet.

Sorry, I have other commitments.

Dylan was helpful.

I visited Kushiro for the first time.


Miki must've drugged me.

Monica was the only one who knew how to start a fire without matches.

It's really hot right now.

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I am delighted that it's all come to an end.

Mick is washing dishes.

Some pretty birds are flying above the trees.

"This looks very interesting", said Hiroshi.

We trusted you.

She's a girl.

It's nice to be here.

Is there anybody left?

I was born in Osaka in the year 1977.


It is said that Anne will get married in June.


Change is good, even though it's sometimes painful.

There is nothing that God has judged good for us that He has not given us the means to accomplish, both in the natural and the moral world.

I am not thirsty.


Debbie needed attention.

My sister is younger than me.

It's what we agreed on.

Modesty is the conscience of the body.

It is cheaper if you go there by bus.

Holy heavens!

At the end of March we'll marry.

Everyone told him no.

The house stands apart from the others.

He is always writing about journey to other planets.

Let Vincenzo fight his own battles.


Rob believed what Saify said.

I could use a little help in here.

Pay attention to them.

The job is not suitable for young girls.

We need a clear definition of the concept of human rights.

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I'd prefer a plain frame on these glasses.

He sounded very tired on the phone.

Please tell us what it is.

I would think you have other things to keep you busy.

You must take what God gives you and make the most of it.

What a good speaker of English you are!

I know our team won't win.

What crime did you commit?

All you have to do is fill in the blanks below.

Sunil wasn't a bit interested.

She's the nicest person I have ever met.

Now he tells me the truth.

I'm sure we'll find something you can wear.

Refreshments are available.

I went down by elevator.

What do you usually do on Sundays?

Your timing is perfect.

Sometimes my grandfather talks to himself when left alone.

Nobody listened to me.


We look forward to seeing you again.


You guys messed up.

I feel I must do something.

You've bought a car, haven't you?

Oh, I'm really sorry.

I don't know the answer to that.

Shatter had no time to finish the story.

No one spoke.

You have to do what you think is right.

I would've done it by myself if Sanche hadn't been there.

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We didn't see her.

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It took me several hours to cook it.


I think Moses is successful.

I'm having trouble reading the letters on the monitor.

The monks chanted a mantra in unison.

That was the very beginning.

You don't see this kind of vegetable vending machine in the city.

Why didn't somebody help us?

Leonard is a pretty smart guy.

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I just wanted to talk to her.

I hate places like Boston, Chicago, etc.

I asked Sean what he'd do if he were me.

True, he likes to show off, but he is kind and generous.

They were on duty by turns.

Jerry accidentally knocked Anne's favourite figurine off the shelf and broke it.

It's not his style.

We'll go places if we team up with them.

Gosh, I'm 25 years old now. Isn't that horrible? Rounding up, I'm 30!

He was made captain.

The bill, please! I'll get this today.

Runaway shirkers win no crowns.

Many people believe acupuncture can cure diseases.


As the ISS orbits the Earth, both the vehicle and crew members are in a constant state of free-fall causing astronauts to experience a feeling of weightlessness.


I saw at a glance that he was an ordinary man.


Don't go out in this heat with a bare head.


I think you'd like it.

I don't know, she really has a condescending way of talking, don't you think? Sometimes it gets to me.

I don't think I could ever get used to this smell.

I'd feel better if Kris knew about this.

You must face your fears.


I've been playing the bongos a lot.

I want this cat.

Don't be such a drag.


They eat meat.

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They can't see Jared.


Where is this taken from?

Does Emil know that you know?

She was almost late for school.

The plants are growing.

My hiccups won't stop at all.

Phnom Penh was flooded two or three days ago.

You don't know where he is.

I don't think Sidney is Edmond's boyfriend.

Regular exercise is beneficial to good health.

Shutoku was respectful.

I haven't yet gotten used to weather here.

Did you want to contact us again?

We're puzzled.

You'll be perfectly safe.

I'm not to blame for everything that has happened.

Alan's behavior was shameful.

He likes to play hardball with people.


She's already forgotten about you.


Why did they argue?

This chair is suitable for the computer.

One of life's simple pleasures is the time to read a good book on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

I'm sorry, but I am opposed to this project.

Suu has a heated swimming pool.

You are morons.

The house could do with a lick of paint.


Pete is in his bedroom changing his shirt.


If it should rain, he will not come.

Ning wasn't allowed to tell Sylvan everything he knew.

I've seen the way Sassan flirts with you.

"Left-Wing" communism is an infantile disorder.

He is very fearful.

We were in very big trouble.

Andre is bad at driving.

The store is closed for good. It's been liquidated.

I am 18 years old.


Listen well.

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I meant to ask you about it.

I can see how you might've made that mistake.

That is, my dad is two years older than my mom.

Darren Hat was in New Orleans this week.

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.


Hamilton is going to try to talk to Nicolo about that today.


It's about time for lunch.

I'm pleased with my new underwear.

Did you get an answer from Pandora?