Let's stop and stretch our legs for a bit.

He is both tall and handsome.

I'll apologize.

There are wolves out there.


A mathematician wouldn't say that.


Randall heard a rumor that John had been arrested.


Perhaps Timo was feeling sick.

Almost all of us can speak French.

She has a crush on the boy next door.

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You've saved my bacon for me.

He tried to catch the bird but wasn't successful.

I'm not wearing this.

I'll remember you as long as I live.

That the politicians keep their promises.

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I don't want him in my house.

We must allow for some delay.

Does Iceland still need a distinct language from the one it officially sings ?


I've been stuck here for three days.

You have no idea how much time I've spent on this project.

The poor man has no relatives.


It's been a week.

I bid thee a happy voyage to thine abode.

Earl sat down next to Myron on the sandy beach.

Piotr was dazzled by Duncan's good looks.

It is five minutes to nine.

He knows how to waste his time.

I'm worried about all of you.

Stagger isn't here. He's already left.

I begin tomorrow.

Ranjit comes to Boston once a year.

Let Sugih finish what he started.


Dwight is fiddling with his bow tie.

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Where did you get that hat?


David didn't want Dion to drive drunk.

Don't make me regret lending you this money.

I've been too busy.


She revealed her secret to us.


We are thinking of buying some new furniture.


Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy?

Please stop!

Osamu Dazai killed himself.

I never liked Biology.

County Meath is the historic capital of Ireland!

Laurie called everybody.

The discussion will be over soon.


When can we see each other?

Cathy was with a group of guys.

Galileo first discovered that the Moon had mountains just like Earth.

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What's your favorite novel?

We can do so much better.

Polly and Juliet broke up last week.


You ought not to treat him like that.


She made him tidy his room.

Old wouldn't stop badgering me.

It will be also interesting.

They asked Claude to play the guitar.

Do you know the reason?

Ritchey slept through a show on TV that he'd been looking forward to watching all day.

Have you ever even met Caleb?


It is normal practise to contact the company's home office in these kinds of cases.

The planes flew over the village.

Carol didn't know what Doug wanted to buy.

We are even.

Don't handle my books with dirty hands.

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You can't give him that.

We try to do our best.

The young man that you saw is my brother.

The butcher is cutting the meat.

Alison kissed Mann lightly on the lips.


Is the person good?

Claudio said that he feels like going out.

It never occurred to me that Leora wouldn't come.

He writes scripts.

I'm familiar with the way he asks questions.


You're a nerd.

The girl that came yesterday was a stranger to me.

If you don't hurry, you'll be late.

Could you please tell me who you are?

I don't trust you anymore.

The party came to an end at midnight.

Do you know all these fellows?

I'll support you as much as I can.

Have you ever read Gulliver's Travels?

Last night's storm washed out the road.

Please develop and print this film.


Never give up on your dreams.

Open the door or we'll knock it down!

He is sure to win the swimming championship.

I'm up to the ears in debt.

The soup's cold.

Jim slipped on the icy road and got hurt.

If he was to return at seven o'clock, why didn't he?

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Your mother is in critical condition.

"By the way, where's your old man?" "Under that over-turned truck."

I left a message.

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Black and white television sets have gone out of date.

She looked sad because I was angry.

Unfortunately, I don't have so much money on me.


We never had any disagreements.

When I asked the college student if he regularly attended his school, he was at a loss for an answer.

Dale's sad.

The grass was soft.

On account of having drunk some strong coffee, she wasn't able to sleep all night long.

This composition leaves nothing to be desired.

Erik was so sick.


I'll be there sometime after lunch.

You just realised how awesome I am!

You disappoint me.


Where should I sign my name?

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He wants you to stay here.

If you have pain, take a painkiller.

He has no connection with this affair.

Harold is usually at home on Sundays.

Nhan gave Vance the keys.

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When the parents heard the news, they cheered up.

Nothing like this has happened before in Germany.

Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?

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Malcolm pulled a coin out of his pocket.


Laurent heard the alarm.

The shops are closed.

That river seems shallow, doesn't it?

Japan is a rich country.

I brush my hair 100 strokes every night.

Why did you do this?

Wayne knows something he's not telling us.

Juri apologized for what he did.

That theater has a foreign film festival every other month.

It was dark under the bridge.

She loved both of them and they both loved her.

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I thought they were unemployed.


I'm making guacamole.

He's stupid sometimes!

I wouldn't want to go there with anybody except Reiner.

Not only his son, but his daughter is also famous.

I can't believe it!

Nicolette cut Lee's hair.

You disgust me.

You should finish the work.

Christofer is still in the house.

Now my life will be better!

I will give you five dollars.

That's the goal.

She must be about 40.

I greatly appreciate your advice.

It will soon stop snowing, and then the weather will improve.

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All I want is a cup of coffee and a piece of toast.

Tell me what you want and I'll see if I can get it for you.

The English almost came last.

Judging from what everyone says, it's the truth.

The phone rang again.


They catch a lot of speeders around here.


We had a spell of fine weather last autumn.

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Michiel couldn't have helped Jiri.

I didn't say you took it.

You've got to apologize.

We work daily.

I forgot my debit card at home.


Milner hasn't paid Revised yet.

Sir has a lot of valuable books.

Poinsettias are poisonous to cats and dogs.

Dion wanted a job.

I'm fairly happy.