How long does it take to get reasonably skilled?

We used to swim every day when we were children.

Dorothy's place is easy to get to.

Daren's quite drunk.

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Kusum and Samuel opened their Christmas presents.


Sunil did well today.

Hector doesn't know what to say.

I will confirm my plane reservation.


Many pupils bought the book.

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I have homework that has to been done tonight.


Tell them I'm not in my office today.

Eva was thrown out of the bar.

The country fell into the invader's hand.

A terrible battle took place at Kasserine in western Tunisia.

We both know you don't belong here.

My mother looks after the plants well.

Po was just sitting in his car, looking at people walk by.

Isn't this the wrong time to visit him?

As far as I'm concerned, things are going well.

We forgot them.

Each part of the book starts with a quote taken from the life of the author: a passage from a book, a question asked to a stranger on the road, something shouted by a girlfriend.


It's excruciatingly slow.


We've had this discussion before.

Could you suggest an alternative date?

I repeated what he said, in the exact same way he said it.

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What's the significance of that?

I had hardly reached the school when the bell rang.

We've got it all figured out.

You don't have to be very old to remember that event.

I don't know what possessed me to do that.

I don't want to marry him.

Sit tight. I'll be right back.

"Thank you for your help." "It's my pleasure."

Each of the students has his own shoes.


God knows I am telling the truth.


Yesterday was Thursday.

Knute made it look easy.

I finally met her today.

We are disgusted by his bad manners.

You cannot be too careful about spelling.

If you want security in your old age, begin saving now.

I don't know how many years Michiel lived in Boston.

The thought that in a few hours they would reach a country where there were no schools, no books, no teachers, made these boys so happy that they felt neither hunger, nor thirst, nor sleep, nor discomfort.

Someone stole Maureen's guitar.

Real negotiated a new contract.

Yes, it is the correct answer.


I've been subscribing to that magazine for four years.

Does Erik plan to help us?

Obama is the first black president in the White House.

He has a good accent.

I had blood in my urine.

I didn't leave.

Seth is traditional, isn't he?

He is above telling a lie.

Sergei couldn't remember exactly what Dorian had said.

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I'm not good at anything.

Education must not be limited to our youth, but it must be a continuing process through our entire lives.

I have no idea where Morton hid the money.

Hohn won't be happy to see you.

I haven't worked up the courage to tell her yet.

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Lin examined it closely.

I fell down the stairs.

Go and find them.

Your wife is in your office.

I knew I'd find you with him.

How does this help?

I find it difficult to do all this work in a day.


I was hiding.

It's only just the beginning.

This is happening way too fast.

Ah! Snow!

We are all doomed.

We shouldn't have gone there.

Sekkura is a qualified chef.

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I bought a new hat at the department store.

Lonhyn has lost his touch.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

Timothy tends to be overdramatic.

Your plan's no good. - Ha, so now it's "my" plan!

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But the proposed changes contradicted one another.

We were looking at the ruins of the old fortress.

I'm testing if the language detection works again.

Maybe we should help Jeff.

I'm open to anything.

Dawn's suitcase wasn't very heavy.

I'm happy you're here, Denis.

No matter how much Rolfe eats, he wants to eat more.

The flowers in the garden are beautiful.

I don't know why, exactly.

This is all the money that I have now.


I wondered if I had ever really understood anyone.

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Do I look like a terrorist?

Barrio didn't hide anything from us.

I've finished my work.

Kiki often uses humor to defuse tense situations.

I just can't get used to taking orders from Kyu.


Leith wouldn't do something like that.

I have just one small question.

I still don't see how you can help.

Edmond doesn't have a full-time job.

Joseph couldn't believe what he heard.

What are you worth?

He is delicate.


This is the desk which Ken uses.


Page doesn't deserve to be punished.

He only eats fruit.

Communication is the key.


You had homework to do after all.

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Let's just hope she won't evaluate the grammar.

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Don't give him more money than is necessary.

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I'm not gambling anymore.


He never goes out late at night.

What's your favorite place to go hear live music?

They're envious of the Americans because they think they're richer.

I'm sure that Hamlet wasn't mad at first. But could it be that he played it so well that he began believing it himself?

How old is this?


We're not doing anything wrong.

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Can we stop?

I have a throbbing headache.

Are you able to keep walking?

Don't distract me.

I don't know when my mother will be back.


Celia said you'd never come.

You shouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water.

Call me if you have any problems at all.

I wanted to be there with you.

Do all that is necessary.

They snuggled tightly beneath the blankets.

You can't have a celebration without fireworks.


Ariel has found something.

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They are wrong.


You're out of booze.

What, again?

It gets quite hot in the summer.

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There is an urgent need for money.


The story is based on his own experience.

Myrick has not yet arrived.

We couldn't help Moran.

You must love her very much.

I'm your father.


We'll take you with us.

I have never alluded to marriage.

Sandip gave Phil a mischievous smile.


I already told Jingbai everything I know.

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The 1960s were years of protest and reform.

They launched a rocket.

Joel's hair is blowing in the wind.

Jacob sat down behind the steering wheel.

Lar and Dwayne stared at each other in shock.

My lungs are congested.

What's taking everybody so long?


Marci decided not to leave home until he was a little older.


I let down the rope.

Wires are used to convey electricity.

I need to declutter my apartment.


Does someone here know how to do this?

We knew we didn't do anything wrong.

I go for a walk every other day.


How many bedrooms does your house have?