Why didn't Sean tell Evelyn to stay?

Mother told me to come home early, but I was late.


How many days are there in a week?

My father died in Boston in 2013.

The Australian nation is in shock and grief today following the tragic death of one of its favourite young cricketers while playing cricket.

I wish we had time.

I don't have hobbies, except for football.

His hand was trembling as he picked up his pen to sign.

Enough! Be quiet! I'll take care of you later.


How can I leave?

That is disgusting.

He ate up the steak and ordered another.


Maybe I can reason with her.

She's running from home.

I'm going to tell you something I've never told anybody else.

How many pens do you have?

I will sleep until it is half past eight.

You don't need language to understand the beggar.

I was kicked out of high school.

Someone pushed me inside.

Last year there was an incident with a security guard who shot a stray bullet inside a toilet.

I don't know who Scott is.

Saad says he wants to do the same thing I did in Boston.

There is no other way to understand the sentence.

I can't believe Santa did that in public.

This movie was directed by John Ford.

He sometimes comes home late.

Put Panacea to work.

Except for John, they all arrived.


I want to help you, Jussi.


I'm cooking now.

Did you watch the presidential debate?

That knowledge which adds greatness to character is knowledge so handled as to transform every phase of immediate experience.

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Graham provided few other details.

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Most scientists are contemptuous of reports that aliens from outer space have landed on the Earth.

Ronald suffered a concussion.

I am full; I do not want any more.

He carried out his mission very well.

Pinocchio had a long nose.

I wonder if that's her.

Loukas seldom writes to his parents.

Few people think more than two or three times a year; I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week.

Women don't usually want to talk with me.


Neville sends about 100 text messages a day.


Do you want to hear more?


Rakhal's only been a widower for six months.

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I thought you missed your flight.


I was like Jarvis once.

The deal is done.

May I have this book?

I wasn't the one who found Luke's keys.

He is a bank clerk.

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Drugs can cause both dependency and tolerance.


Sriram never laughed.


She cried with joy how lucky she was.


Ramsey would like to talk with you.


Just take it slowly.

Nobody wants it.

Randolph doesn't need to speak so loud.

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I believed that.

Look behind you.

Don't let Jaime distract you.

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He ran away with the money.

He failed to write to his father that week.

Kim is my stepdad.

We had a narrow escape.

Hey, is this fish tasty for real? It looks like a black porgy who'd fallen in with mobsters and been put on the country's most wanted list!?

Where is the newspaper?

I'd say they're doing pretty good right now.

We can't let Kenneth get away with it.

I haven't actually met him yet.

He was driving the car at full speed.

I think we have heard enough on this.

They flattened his nose.

Ravindranath's lecture was a snooze.


Anything else (to order)?


I want you to sign this.


My grandfather never dyed his hair.


Betty realized he wasn't convincing anybody.


The flood water reached the level of the windows.


We're real excited about that.

Such abundance I accept apparent in this country, such top moral values, humans of such caliber, that I do not anticipate we would anytime beat this country, unless we breach the actual courage of this nation, which is her airy and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I adduce that we alter her old and age-old apprenticeship system, her culture, for if the Indians anticipate that all that is adopted and English is acceptable and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their built-in self-culture and they will become what we ambition them, an absolutely bedevilled nation.

You must not deprive children of their playthings.


Is that all your small change?

I can dress myself.

Life is a series of choices.


I held the conch to my ear and heard the ocean inside.


Go buy something to eat.

The new highway shaves almost an hour off my commute time.

Do you have a dog?


The monkey, having thrown coconuts at all of the animals as a means of amusement, could not understand why he was suddenly being chased out of the jungle.

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What can you tell me about him?

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You should ask him yourself.

What did you do in the meantime?

Let's suppose you happen to strike it rich at the races.


You look very pretty.

A professor is teaching Czech.

Clayton is asleep on the couch.

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She went to the hairdresser's to have her hair done.

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Don't look at her enviously.

It's been very frustrating.

Skip slid down the slide.


Why do you need a comb if you're bald?

Today, this is even more accurate than ever in relations with the United States.

I worked hard to succeed.

I put the meat we just bought in the freezer.

She must be sick.


The event attracted more than 300 people.

Terri has nowhere to go.

I hate exercising.


The entire world is a very narrow bridge. The important thing is to fear nothing.

The most important feature of all games is that they are governed by rules.

Varda wrote that song three years ago.

Silk feels soft.

Show me what you're made of!

Sometimes he acts as if he were my boss.

He asked my pardon.

We listen to music.

We're going to make it work.

Trey rescued a dog from drowning.

Memories of old times rushed back into my mind.


I found the test difficult.

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Keep distance from trucks and other vehicles when driving.

Why are you questioning me?

Sid killed Vicki because he found out she had started the fire that had killed his family.

French is definitely not a difficult language.

Please complete the dialogues.


What kind of problems are you having?

I dislike big cities.

I'm with management.

Mann played the violin.

Lana has achieved his goals.

My teacher is Mrs. Li.

Can you add a full stop at the end of your sentence, please?


All of us were shocked by the news.


Boris has a difficult time distinguishing good wines from bad, especially after a few glasses.

Are you free for dinner tonight?

You came back.

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The top is turning clockwise.

How did you discover the truth?

The singers sang together in order to raise money to help people with AIDS.

He knows nothing.

Even though the weather was fine, I gave him my coat as he was going out.

I don't have time to say this twice, so listen carefully.

Get in and drive.

Today is full moon.

If in this self-portrait I seem to be staring at you, I'm not.


How many pens do you have?

Don't let them die.

I wish it were always like this.

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Pack your bags. You're fired.


I don't plan on telling Werner anything.


Kamiya didn't know how to treat his employees right.