Our crazy Wild Adventure… never thought it would happen…. not this!

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I left off with my last post because life was just too hard. My step-daughter, Emily had just relapsed in her leukemia. We were told she would not survive a month. But, she beat cancer into remission in 6 weeks. … Continued

Married almost 6 months, 5 teens & Chemo

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In my last post, I broke the news I was married and the kids love their new step-dad. Monday coming up will be 6 months. We moved two households. Sold one townhouse, got other twin home on the market and … Continued

It’s been crazy busy… opps! BLOG?

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Opps! BLOG? OH YEAH THAT!  I’m sorry readers, family and friends. But actually if you depend only on this blog then you really don’t know much about us. Major life changes.  Lets see… well last winter I got engaged. Then … Continued

Busy fall and now it’s winter!

It’s always busy around here. There are some things that just don’t change and others that do. Working full time, two still in school and the oldest doing things for her future. It creates an intricate well planned out dance. … Continued

The NEW Family Member!

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It was Sunday, February 21st. We had talked about it and decided we would first go look. My friends dog had puppies January 15th and were looking for homes for the puppies.  Wait… let’s take a step back a bit… … Continued

Remodel for my blog…

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  Remodel – we usually think of as re-construction of buildings of some kind… Well I have learned it also means blogs…. The term is not so widely used for blogs but mine was under re-construction.  The old blog I … Continued