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In Episode 131, you will hear from Randy Daniels, Vice President at Buckner Children and Family Services, talking with Phil about: 7405769221

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In Episode 127, you will hear from Dr. Caroline Leaf, neuroscientist, author of numerous books, and global speaker, talking with Phil about: 
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In Episode 126, you will hear from Phil and his Season 6 Co-Host, talking about the themes and lessons they learned in Season 5 and what’s to come in Season 6. (773) 714-2588

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[ This episode is a recast from June 7, 2017 ] Today we get to hear from Mick Pease, founder of Substitute Families for Abandoned Children (/www.sfac.org.uk/index.php), which is based in Leeds, England, and works worldwide promoting de-institutionalization and assisting in family based initiatives. (323) 535-2521
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In Episode 117 you will hear from Brandon Stiver, Author, Advocate, and Director of Kingdom Families in Tanzania, talking with Phil about: (386) 320-4094
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In Episode 115 you will hear from Mike Berry, author, speaker, and host of the Honestly Adoption Podcast, talking with Phil about: Read More
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