Do you know where these equations come from?

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This is a very rare case.

Cristina left his hat in my room.

I didn't know exactly what the problem was.

It's very important to know how to let off steam, living in this world.

They said they wanted to buy my book.


Quit it!

Knapper has gone back to his hotel.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me.


I'm not accountable to you for my conduct.

Fame isn't always accompanied with success.

There are only two seasons in the tropics.

"Want a beer?" "Beer? No thank you; I don't touch the stuff."

The children were barefoot.

I didn't see exactly what happened.

You don't have to go to the dance if you don't want to.

She bitterly regretted having said something that displeased her mother-in-law.

I want you to sing.

I told them I'd think about it.

What Jussi did was very stupid.

She loves flowers.

You have very piercing eyes.

Winnie has an apartment in Boston.

They cried out with one voice.


You are on the wrong plane.

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I just saw a panther.

Catherine will take care of Takeuchi.

The girls all made fun of him.

Strictly speaking, this sentence is grammatically incorrect.

I just took it for granted that you would always be there for me no matter what.

All afternoon a violent storm scoured the little town's streets.

The interior of the house was very attractive.

June broke down and told the police everything.

We're pretty happy with the way things have turned out.


It's theoretically possible.

He led a vagabond life.

I am lesbian.

I was worried that I was going to be late when I missed my train, but I managed to get there just in time!

Everyone was very concerned.


He was too embarrassed to utter a word in front of the crowd.

Dale's car is in the driveway.

I hate this job sometimes.


All in all, I thought it was a good book.

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A clock must be above all correct.

Let me have the novel when you have done with it.

"Whose earrings are these?" "They are Tania's."

In American football the defense has a specific job.

How thoughtful of you to have chilled some wine for us.

I have some appreciation of your problems.

I don't think that would bother Micheal too much.

I just wanted to see if you knew.

He claimed that the enormous property was at his disposal.


I have a right to be on this ship.

The Spanish voice-over was complete shit.

I traveled all through France.

They have no jobs.

Marie has a nice voice.

Molly smothered his daughter with kisses.

I met him here.


There are men who gain from their wealth only the fear of losing it.

I was sorry for no reason.

I lost my composure.

We're ready.

I can't do this myself.

Drew continued looking around.

Put on some music.

I hate myself and I want to die.

I also need to improve my English.


You said you'd talk to her.

Kristen used to play the piano professionally.

Nelken didn't give me a chance to explain what I meant.

This is what you wanted.

When I was a kid, I loved the film Jurassic Park.

I was with Joe the night before he died.

She is clearly insane.

I had already told you that Marco is a liar.

She forced that task on me.

His behavior makes me sick.

I'll go see if Ernest is here.

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I think Marci has stopped breathing.

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The soldier was blinded by a flashbang grenade.

Why did you pick them?

He has poor ability to organize.

Why is she your friend?

Isaac was a mercenary.


"Where's Farouk?" "She's in her room. She's studying. She's been studying for two hours, since three o'clock."

The ate pancakes for breakfast.

Let's not keep Plastic waiting.

Several of my friends have been to Japan this year.

I don't understand that logic.

Have you ever been to the Tokyo Dome?

The translation is quite true to the original.


Sedat never realized there were so many women working at his company.

I got married five years ago on this very day.

Jayant will wait for it.

He took a day off.

He is a critic rather than a novelist.


We're starting our descent into the chasm.


It was nothing but eyewash.

Our eyes met for an instant.

To do him justice, he is not equal to the job.

Is Mike a member of the swimming club?

Your English composition leaves nothing to be desired.


Your words provoked his anger.

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Why did you fire them?

I don't want to lose you ever again.

I thought you'd gone to Harvard.

I had arrived in Italy without difficulty.

In case something goes wrong, please take care of my children.

She finished her errand and returned home.

I suggest we change clothes first.


Keep to the left, please.

Neither of us could have done it alone.

Takao began running.

Trevor knows how to keep a secret.

I'd like to live in a warmer climate.

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Painting is another thing I can do fairly well.


Let's get back to the ship.


Is there any mail for me?

What can I do to make you pay attention to me?

I received an item that I did not order.

What are you suggesting then?

I love Italian food.

Hardly anyone thinks that we are sisters.

I cannot make up in the month of Ramadan.

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I don't know where my crutches are. Have you seen them?

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This is a wonderful achievement.

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Was it a dream or not?

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Her dress was torn.

If you skip breakfast and keep lunch light, then in the evening you can have whatever you want.

Hotta isn't very well.


I'm going with him to Boston.


I speak French very poorly.

That gives me great pleasure.

From now on, we'll have to spend less money.

Len won't be long.

She had an oral examination in English.

I like hanging out here.

I had a long talk with Erick.

The ceremony was very impressive.

Marshall, someone is here to see you.

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What are some things you enjoy doing?


I'm not going to forget this.

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He is always up to no good.

He became a great musician.

Kuldip wanted to change.

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The trouble with him is that he is seldom punctual.

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Someone may try to kill me again.

She spoke in evasive bromides.

He is really putting the squeeze on me.

My uncle went to sea at 18.

The blood was a dark color.

Is this beeper yours?

She is a lady and expects to be treated as such.

How lucky I am!

Did Olson tell Betty who would be coming to the party?

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I haven't seen him in months.

I've been shot at by the enemy.

How many people are there in Europe?


I've taken a job as a substitute teacher.

Lyndon put the money Shakil gave him in the bank.

Haven't you been paying attention?