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nextgensafe pool inspections

There is no need to supply your name or address plus it is a very useful tool – even if you do not need your pool inspected – but need to be re-assured that your pool is safe.


NextGenSafe Pool Inspections

We offer a full professional pool certification service at a realistic price without hidden extras like excessive re-inspection fees.

We send an inspector who has the knowledge and expertise to carry out practical, inexpensive repairs or, if you wish to do the repairs yourself, we will give you detailed guidance on how to carry out those necessary repairs.


We hold unconditional licences that allows us to not only issue Pool Safety Certificates but we are qualified and licenced to do remedial repairs/adjustments on pool barriers and more importantly for you, we are fully insured to carry out this type of work.



If you are unsure on what needs to be done, can’t find what you are looking for within our website – CONTACT NEXTGENSAFE POOL INSPECTIONS – we will be happy to answer any questions and offer you a solution.


The complexity and significance of ‘safe pools’ is paramount for Chris Durie. Complimenting an astonishing awareness of Statutory requirements for Pool Safety, Chris brings extraordinary patience and personal service to a challenging role. As a customer who has experienced Chris’s expertise, relational gifts and quality service it is without reservation that I would recommend him to pool owners of all persuasions.

Bill and Noelene Sultmann

For all Property Managers …

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