How many times has Holly been here?

People were deprived of their political rights.

Ah, well I've bandaged it for the meantime but if that's awkward then it's fine to replace it with a plaster when you get home.

Have you ever watched the '90s TV show Xena Warrior Princess?


I've always had a sweet tooth.


Sangho doesn't act like a teacher.

He went home three hours later.

Tell him you can't do it.

I asked him to do it for me.

She dived into the swimming pool.

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At first, I couldn't understand what he said.

I have diarrhea.

Cut out the nonsense, will you?

Penny came back covered in mud.

We are looking for a nice house to live in.

How far is Boston from Chicago?

It was very dark in Robert's room.


I can't remember why.

I have lunch plans with Gill.

This is the letter for my friend.

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I will stop you.

Read it one more time, please.

Our office is on the northern side of the building.


Rafael didn't know how to react to that.


They made a terrible racket.


Thank you for helping me with my homework.


It'll never happen.


I never intended for anybody to get hurt.

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We've found something.

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The clock is broken.

I need an envelope and a piece of paper. I also need either a pencil or a pen.

A 5% consumption tax is levied on most goods and services in Japan.

The riches that are in the heart cannot be stolen.

If Matthew doesn't want to do his homework now, he doesn't have to.

The car turned abruptly.

Father was sent to the hospital yesterday.


Intel gets a huge royalty from the invention.

Is there any dipping sauce for this grilled meat?

Not knowing what to say, she just smiled.

As soon as she heard the news, she began to weep.

Did you see anybody there?


That he is innocent is quite certain.


That's a really stupid idea.

Ralf called out for help.

Sherri borrowed my car.

Why don't you write Jos?

Don't stay too long.

Take care not to fail.

She was on edge till she heard from her husband.


What horrible weather.

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Suyog announced his retirement last Monday.


They just don't get it.


After working in the hot sun all afternoon, Lorenzo looked hot and tired.

I can't believe I said such horrible things to you.

Let's economize on time.

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That massage felt great.

Laura is probably going to be busy on Monday.

I got stabbed.

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It is not till we lose our health that we realize its true value.

What do you make of my pie?

He neither spoke nor wept, but went out in silence.

These keys are not mine.

There is a painting on the wall.


We were moving a little too fast.

Do you think that's significant?

I'll be thinking of you today.

This seems stupid.

I'll leave Mehrdad alone.

The tunnel caved in because of the earthquake the other day.

We stayed back.

It sounds pretty straightforward.

Jaime has trouble budgeting his time.

I know how to play Tiddas (an Amazigh anicent game).

I don't know why it took me so long.

Madness is repeating the same experience, expecting the results to be different.

Cole is smoking.

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Bob went out before I knew it.

That may just be a coincidence.

I didn't want to scare them.

I would like to thank my parents, Neal and Granville.

I don't think I'm the problem.

I do not have a sister.

I can't believe Brandy did all of this without anyone's help.

Marsha wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

I'm delighted about that.

That could take time.

Pantelis hoped Andries would come back home for Christmas.

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Donne didn't tell me about this place.

As usual, I was going to school at eight o' clock.

A planet is not a star, because it is not massive enough that nuclear fusion can happen in its core.

I feel a chill seeing the blizzard outside.

The crew was uninjured.


Almost everyone arrived on time.

What do I do if Bradley calls?

I'd like to introduce some friends of mine.

Roberta doesn't know Ofer's last name.

I can run faster than Ken.

Bob thanked Root for the gift.

I ate an apple.

I'm afraid I have addressed the parcel wrongly.

What do you have to lose by asking her out on a date? A little pride maybe?

If you don't work, you shouldn't eat.

Judy dances very well.

Could you tell me my balance?

I had hardly started to eat when I noticed that she was crying.

I want you to go to Osaka right away.

Such considerations ultimately had no effect on their final decision.

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This lawn mower is gas powered.

He had no money with him then.

The methodology used in his study is also helpful to us in conducting our research.

The story of Jesus Christ appearing after he was dead is the story of an apparition, such as timid imaginations can always create in vision, and credulity believe.

You've hurt me a lot.

Prices have been reduced by 20 to 40 percent.

I'm sure I'll get over it soon.

I respect your opinion.

It was probably stolen.

I have an older brother who lives in Boston.

Nobody got hurt.


Give him the gun.


My little toe hurts.

Randy showed Meeks a black and white photo of his grandparents.

I don't think that was Len.

I love her, but she's a lesbian.

That was an interesting day.

Where does she want to go?

It's important, don't you think?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's best soccer players.

Ariel isn't a good swimmer.


I've been here three years.

Gideon is fortunate.

You're bugging me.

He doesn't stop.

Don't be shy. Talk to me.


She is a tender girl of questionable morals.

There were a good many people on the platform.

Why doesn't he dance with me anymore?

Do you think Manny will like this?

Let's eat the ice cream now before it melts.

Niels fled to Australia.

They're always together.

I'd like to wring Rajeev's neck.

I think I've got something you might want.


Sundaresan is a stupid boy.


It sounds easier that way.

Should I fill in this form now?

My heart was filled with sorrow.


Let's have a snowball fight.

I wish I'd never been born.

Tell Dawson what Kylo said she wants.


I just want to go home and see my wife and the kids.

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It's a mixture of ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware.

She has absolutely no enemies.

This morning Merat said that his sister is still in bed.

I didn't know you were related to Grace.

You can't unring a bell.

Samuel bought three loaves of bread.

Happy 2014 to all my family and friends.

Using English with him, I feel that we are both at different levels, at least from a linguistic point of view.

Edmund is extremely handsome and he knows it.

Whenever I'm at the pizza parlour, I make you self-conscious. You always think there has to be something happening.

I often skip breakfast.

Girls, that just wasn't good enough.

Vishal still seeks your approval.


I bought this T-shirt on sale.