He makes a point of never speaking ill of others.

Srivatsan wanted to give Evan a goodbye kiss. However, she backed away.

How long were you at the zoo?

Exports have been sluggish.

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I wonder what scared him.


Spass didn't seem to understand anything we said.


As we don't use these things, we give them to whoever needs them.

I'm going to go see Conrad.

Kemal became famous very quickly.

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Of course it's not a problem if you go.

When will they finish installing the electricity?

I don't want Rusty to talk to Pratt.

Are you ready to hear the bad news?

This music is from the 40s.

Her failure is not to be ascribed to want of diligence.

Barbra is already up.


They watched Alexander carefully.

She is calm now; she has stopped crying.

I was alone, studying.

Take this medicine after each meal.

You can say whatever you want.


It was very enjoyable.


Raymond doesn't have either a cat or a dog.

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I really need to go outside and get some fresh air.

He confessed he had to lie.

I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

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I will use general terms.

The weather was balmy.

You look very familiar.

He had a talent for painting.

The hike will take at least eight hours.

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Can you please tell me how I can get to the beach?


Do you like chocolate milk?

We ran on as far as the station.

My father drinks a cup of coffee every morning.


It's sunny.

Just don't tell him I sent you.

In the future we may need to take another look at the way decisions such as this are actually implemented.

Her work finished, she went home.

Elliott has a distinctive scar under his right eye.


Give that cat to us.

It's inevitable.

They are both very competent judges.

Is everyone ready?

I'm helping him out.


Alfred won't be going with me.


The heat turns off automatically when the room reaches a certain temperature.


Out of the students, only one had read that book.

I said I think I might be ready.

I've already read some of what you wrote.

I took a picture of her. I am so glad I did.

Did you forget anything?

Let's turn back to the third lesson.

I thought you might need this.

You're only making things worse.

How do you spell your name?

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How do you do?


Could you please pass me the salt?

How long do I have to wait for the next bus?

Photography is an expensive hobby.

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Jisheng's pulse beat faster.


You're the only one who's talked to Sorrel.

All you have to do is sign your name here.

Carsten put on a gas mask.


Roberto is laughing his ass off.

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I'll give you mine. I don't like it anyway.


When she was young, she was very popular.

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Mother made me a sweater.

I could walk from here.

If it's all the same to you, I think I'll give it a miss.


I don't like to wear nail polish.

I'm going to have to start lobbing. I can't win with passing shots alone.

I am willing to help you.


Beth has preserved her good looks.

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Dad, here's the coffee.

The trip was long and I want to rest.

I thought you already knew about what happened.


Po probably won't agree with your proposal.

Finding Ray shouldn't be too difficult.

We are good friends.

Spanish is spoken in most countries of South America.

I know what Bert did.

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What do you want from me? Are you out to get me or what?


His mistake was intentional.

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You must miss her a lot.

Barely a third of the population in this country have access to the Internet.

It's very cold.


Don't scribble here.

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Please let me take a look at the menu.

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Make love, not war.

Dori thinks that women always tell their best friends everything.

I was born and brought up in Matsuyama.

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The plans were discarded.

The Church is unnecessary.

I thought you were going to be at the party last night.

We're competitors, not partners.

Let's see if Lex can handle that.

Step back, Satan!

Supposedly, one in ten Europeans are conceived in an IKEA bed.

I'm really glad you came.

That means that water flows over the plaster and enters cracks easily.

I don't think I have that kind of time.

I thought as much.

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The woman is atop the table


Do you think we should've stayed a little longer?

I'm more than a friend.

Your software needs updating.

Enjoy the little things!

The prisoners fled from the concentration camp.

I must give back the book to him by tomorrow.

He fought in America's war against Mexico.

Peter is at the post office.

He is here.

Janos slept more than twelve hours yesterday.

We produce palm wine.

Excuse me, could someone tell me where the bathroom is?

"Do you mind my smoking here?" "No, not at all."

You're the one who got me in trouble in the first place.

The most effective defense is offense.

What's the objection?

"Where does it hurt?" "Everywhere."

She has a very beautiful laugh.

What makes it so unique?

Let's sit down and talk things over.

Do you want to hear the new song I'm working on?


He shall have a holiday one of these days.


Don't you think it's risky?

I cook well.

I didn't know that until this morning.


We have to replace this moth-eaten carpet.

I don't like to go out when it's dark.

I'll see you again this afternoon.


While laughing is allowed, it is most dishonest to laugh out loud or to extend one's laughter beyond the limits of a just moderation; the Holy Ghost teaches us that it is the character of a madman to raise one's voice while laughing.

Police officers wear blue uniforms.

It was carved from a piece of pine wood, cut and sanded into the shape of a heart.

Don't tempt me. I might just do that.

If the world weren't in the shape it is now, I could trust anyone.

Researchers Identify New Receptor Complex in Brain

Shari whom I knew when I worked at Microsoft, whose husband died a year ago, now lives in Boston.

You can correct mistakes that you find, if the sentence is not "owned" by another user.

Take care! It's dangerous to drive drunk.

There are three survivors.

Sean's mother died when he was young.

I explained the procedures to him.

He said that the earth goes round the sun.

They are evacuated to an American field hospital.

Jess paused momentarily.

Carole thanked Billy for the gift.

Can I get a coffee to go?

Currently, the most lacking thing about myself is probably my ability to concentrate.

When Bernie saw Kitty naked, she started laughing.

Can I meet you there?

Lalita called.

I'll take them home.

Andreas and Phillip met in Boston.

I need you to bring me something.

Kelly looked up from his iPad and smiled at Kylo.

The clock was working, but the alarm had not gone off.

The two lovers who eloped were crucified.