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That's how it's pronounced, to answer the question I'm most frequently asked. I'm Chuck Wojtkiewicz, and this is my showcase for my illustration, concept design, comics and toy design.

7/6/11: Well, I've got a blog- /chukw.blogspot.com/

And a couple of new581-321-5507 up.

5/05/09: Big Halo Wars update- all over the site!

1/31/09: More Fable II stuff in 5209128255, Stuff and Storyboards!

1/29/09: Abit of an update with some concept arrt form blur's Fable II trailer in Places . More to come!

10/22/08 I've added a Storyboard section, with the first entry being my Warhammer: Age of Reckoning boards. Check out the (734) 569-5790

02/16/08- Redwall! A big ol' panorama with details in Critters, plus process examples in 7858362896

10/13/07-Robot Update! Scroll to the last several thumbnails in the (626) 428-6829 gallery for some gear-grinding goodness!


Off-topic, but my latest model build is done- check it out!

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